What is PAYA?

Paya was developed in with purpose of becoming a Asian standard currency for trading, buying and selling, currency exchange, supporting to donate to charity funds, non-governmental organizations.

Paya was issued comunicative guaranteed model, Paya's price is more stable than Cryptocurrency, helping Paya become an intermediary in international money transfers, use for international remittance activities.

Paya is used for payment on the Payasian application and can be converted into national currencies for online payment, using payment on the Payasian agent chain in Asian countries.

Technology platform:

In the explosion of the 4.0 revolution, Blockchain is the key technology for converting digital technology and is a big step forward in building and developing future technology platform.

Paya is developed on the Blockchain platform of Ethereum, with the purpose of bringing Blockchain into the field of payment, currency exchange, as well as applicating for community connections and sharing in the Asian market.

With the guaranteed Blockchain platform: no tampering, irreparable tampering, data security, transparency, ... and especially high liquidity.

Paya Blockchain:

Maximum: 21 billion Paya

Create by guaranteed from the community

BlockPaya is divided 10 million Paya into 1 block.

Difficulty based on Paya price blocks increased from $ 0.15 to $ 1,000

Block Paya: Total: 21 billion Paya

Bond issuance: 85% equivalent to 17.85 billion Paya

Presale: 5% equivalent to 1.05 billion

Ecosystem development: 10% equivalent to 2.1 billion.

How is Paya released?

Paya is the first coded coin in the world to be released under the guaranteed model from community.

Each Paya coin is issued must be used by the community for valuable coins, such as BTC, ETH,USDT,SUN,etc.

Block Paya is gradually increasing in order to gradually reduce the amount of money released to the market to create real value for each Paya has been released.

Paya "Guaranteed Funds" is contributed from the community. It aims to ensure that each currency is released to the market with increased value and the fund will be reimbursed to the contributor after every six-month period.

How does "Guaranteed Funds" work?

Be contributed to guaranteed issue

the Paya to market:

Community contributed by BTC, ETH, SUN...

Return to contributors after each 6-month cycle.

Create a payment guarantee for each Paya that is released to the market.

Balancing and stabilizing Paya copper market price: not fluctuate by BITCOIN or pre-coded market and easy to use for trade, payment, international money transfer.

Why use Paya?

Trading ,Exchange money

International money transfer service.

Shopping ,travel ,services online

Used in donations to charities ,non-governmental organizations.

Ecosystem for Paya

Trading: Cryptocurrency trading platforms in

Millionaires are created in payasian coin

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