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He Sponsored 1,200+ People Using This Method...

Ask yourself this simple question: "What would my monthly income look like with 1,200 sponsored people on my team?"

The sky is the limit and while some people might not go to the extent of sponsoring that many people, you can certainly be well off with even less than half of that.

So what exactly did this guy do to get those types of results?

Well I'll tell you what he didn't do first.

He didn't do it the hard way.

That is he didn't do activities that lacked leverage such as spamming on his Facebook Profile, purchasing and cold-calling leads and just straight up chasing people down to sponsor.

If you ask me, that's one of the easiest ways to want to quit the business.

So instead, he opted out for something completely different to change the game.

He found Attraction Marketing.

"Attraction marketing you say?" That almost sounds like an oxymoron where 2 words that completely oppose each other come together.

"Nobody is attracted to marketers."

You'd technically be right especially if that person just acts as if all they want is the sale.

But I'll tell you why this isn't the case here.

Attraction marketing doesn't involve any of those things.

Attraction marketing involves well, attracting people to you through your content and the value that you give.

If you're familiar with the typical business posts talking about some of the perks involved and immediately ending with an "ask me how", then it's time to be familiar with the fact that that isn't valuable or attractive.

If anything, it gives people a reason to ignore your later business posts because it reeks of that "literally everybody does that schtick smell."

Instead, attraction marketing involves 4 pieces:

1) Figuring out who you understand the most (target audience)

2) Understanding your target audience's biggest problem or pain point

3) Creation of content revolving around that problem and addressing it

4) Marketing a solution for that audience

That's it.

The reason why so many marketers struggle in their business is because they don't really take the time to map these things out.

Some are still stuck in the 1990's where they think that everyone that can fog a mirror is a prospect.

And that's exactly the kind of thinking that makes building a business slow, painful and agonizing.

You want the right people in your business and you want them in a hurry.

But to understand more of what attraction marketing is, click here to get this 100% free guide laying out all the details of attraction marketing.

-No, you don't have to submit yourself to the nerve racking tasks of cold-calling people that don't know you.

-No, you don't have to cross your fingers that someone comes across your generic business posts.

-And no, you don't have to chase people to the ends of the earth to get their enrollment (if they even say yes)

Especially when you're putting the right tactics in place that will get people coming to you instead.

It's time to build your organization the right way. And it all starts with making a difference in how you market.

So click here to get your free attraction marketing blueprint download and start making a difference in your business and your life.

This article was published on 04.07.2021 by Kevin Williams
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