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The Highest Paying Part Time Job of All Time?

Nearly 40% of working Americans now hold a college degree, but how many of people are actually making enough money to pay back their student loans? 

The number of Americans even living paycheck to paycheck is also over 50% now which means that there are numerous barely getting by or making ends meet. 

This is important to consider because many would say a part-time job is not enough as many are hardly getting by with a full-time role. The reason I bring this up is because I want to introduce you to a very high paying part-time position that I wish I was introduced to as a teenager; and am now recruiting for. 

My name is London H. and I attended an American University. I got in when I was only 17 years to one of the Top 40 Universities, Case Western Reserve University, with a Full-Ride Academic Scholarship. I was so bug eyed, and although I STILL had financial struggles I really enjoyed the experience. 

However, after I graduated with two Bachelors degrees I was still not sure what to do with my life-so like many Millennials I moved back with my parent. Oh, and did I mention that I did an extra semester which racked up an insane amount of debt my scholarship did not cover. 

How did it come to this? I was born in the 90's and ever since I was a kid I ALWAYS had my mother and my grandparents and my older relatives tell me that I must go to college. It was as if college was a religion and I was indoctrinated to believe that it would wipe away all of my troubles. 

This takes me to my first point, that many people believe success is found from following one path but in reality; there are many paths to your own personal success...College is one path that may not be a fit for everyone. 

While a college student however I did make sure to study amazing information on Online Businesses, Information Marketing, The Law of Attraction and even E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing. I decided to try my hand at Life Coaching and was surprised to find that some people were willing to pay me $90 an hour for my services. 

But I had one question, why wasn't this info being taught in college courses? Why are so many people jumping head first into debt when there are SOOO many ways to make money online? 

For instance, did you know that with an TEFL Certificate you can teach language courses online? There is one company that pays up to $30 per hour for part time work. Or, if someone has a background in Marketing or Consulting you can also make money from the comfort of your own home-or a local Starbucks if you prefer. 

However, there is a little known niche that can literally make someone thousands in a week. Also, the thing is the Certification/Degree for this position is a lot cheaper than the 200,000+ for my two degrees (which i hardly use!) 

This part-time position is called Funnel Building, it is a type of marketing for companies that helps them make more money-so of course they will pay you a lot for this service. In some instances a person can charge literally $10,000 per month for a very well put together funnel to be made and maintained. 

I guess I wanted to get the word out to share this amazing world of Funnel Building and perhaps you can share this info with someone who may not want to go to a traditional Institution. 

To Find Out more about this HIgh Paying Part-Time "Financial Freedom Position" Click Here on this Link and learn more about the opportunity. Just make sure to take action now because amazing things like this do not come around too often. 

Thank me later ;) Perhaps I will hire you to build a funnel for me one of these days! 


This article was published on 03.11.2016 by London Holt
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