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Why Get into Business for yourself

The issue of income is an issue for everyone as long as you are still alive you need an income for your upkeep. Some opt for employment, others self employment (usually mistakenly taken as entrepreneurship, others go for both employment and self employment (very stressing). Whilst the enlightened go into real Entrepreneurship i.e. coming up with start up businesses with a working system, or a system that adapts to business growth, from scratch and grow from there and continue to create more start ups. The thing to grasp here is a working system which does not need you to be always there for it to work. The self employed who think they are entrepreneurs are not as the system needs them to always be present for the system to work, these are Doctors as an example. These guys cannot leave the practice to the next generations to come, the biggest pitfall of being self employed.

Real entrepreneurship is the way to go, as you create a business that works and only needs the right people to be there to make decisions for the business to adapt to economic environments and the myriad of challenges and changes economies go through. This should be an encapsulating thought everyone should be looking into these differences and why going into business for yourself is the way to go. Entrepreneurship has scales, small ,medium and big businesses. Network marketing is one way to do entrepreneurship, you will be plugging in into a business that has a system geared for succession and success, hence continued business for years to come. Meaning you can start your network marketing business with the stability you need to focus on growing your network.

Basically you will looking into the abyss when you are in formal employment and self employment as there is no inheritance from these two types of income/money. The propensity that you earn money you need for your needs is determined by someone else making your dreams almost impossible to attain when you are formally employed. Self employment , it pitfalls are when you are sick you are not making money e.t.c. Here comes in all the advantages of being in business for yourself , once you gain momentum its certainly on auto-cruise.

What do you think should be the best approach for yourself knowing the pitfalls in each category and how long they last.

This article was published on 05.09.2021 by Darlington Chinyadza
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Njideka N. Olatunde Good analogy on being an entrepreneur that's self employed. The next step is being a business owner who employs others. Or as in MLM build a team and everyone is business owner   2 years ago

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What they have created is absolutely Brilliant!Complete strangers I never referred started paying me.

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