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I need you help!

Hello everyone, as the title says I would like your help. In return I will reward you.

I've created a generic report about making money with a focus on network marketing. It doesn't promote or endorse any companies or products. I've put the link at the bottom of this announcement.

The goal of the report is to show people how simple network marketing is and why it's the most viable business and money making model for the average person.

In it I try to explain the limitations that the 'trading hours for dollars' model has and how money in the bank just loses value. It explains what the biggest problem wage earners face right now and what will be a real threat to our children, human labor being replaced by technology. It explains some of the mechanics of network marketing and the many benefits and advantages that go a long with it.

I wanted to create a report that would compel people who are interested in making more money to want to know more and ask questions.

The reason I did this was so that I could give out a business cards or place an ad directing people to this report. How simple is that? It saves me from doing long explanations and it's duplicatable! Anybody can do it.

Once completed I'm going to produce the same report, posted at a different URL, without my contact information at the bottom. Completely generic. That way anybody I recruit can refer their prospects to this report as well, and if they want to make it look like they own it, they can register their own domain name and have it point to the report URL.*

The reason I ask for your help is that none of us is smarter than all of us. Three brains work like five, 8 like 12 and so on. Let's make this one of the best reports out there.

Your reward for your help will be the URL to the generic report so that you can send your prospects to it as well. It will give them credible information from a third party, from someone else who believes in network marketing besides you.

It will save you time trying to explain to them 'why' network marketing is the only viable alternative for them, how simple it is and how there's little to no risk.

It's long but I wanted it to be complete, but most of the reports I read on the internet are long, maybe there's a reason for that, maybe not, but here's some of the things I'd really like input on (from the perspective of someone that's looking to make money or change careers),

1.    Being long, do you want to keep reading? Are their places where it bogs down or loses you?

2.    Is there anything that I should have included that I didn't?

3.    Is there anything I should leave out?

4.    Is there any repetition?

5.    Do things follow in a logical order?

In other words, if you help me out as my editor, I’ll try to help you out by allowing you to refer your prospects to a first class report that makes them want to know more and ask questions so that you can start to develop that relationship.

The name of the report is ‘So Simple’. The link to the report is http:/

Thanks and live abundantly,


This article was published on 14.06.2016 by Bob Broughton
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