My Journey to Financial Freedom

My name is Courtney B. Napieralski. I was born in Philadelphia, PA, one of eight children. My mother separated from my father while I was in the womb. We were financially poor but rich in my mother's love and care. This grand lady, with only a 3rd grade education, taught her children that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to,  I believed her and she was right.

I was 4 years old when I made my career decision, I wanted to become a nurse. I started my first business at age 11 which became a source of income for myself and 3 siblings. I was 17 years old when I graduated high school.  I was not old enough to enter nursing school since I had not yet turned 18, however I was accepted anyway, since I would turn 18 before graduation. Imagine a young 17 year old girl, naive to life in general, embarking on an experience that would educate me in more ways than one, and it was wonderfully informative.

I enjoyed my career as a nurse, but the entrepreneurial spirit in me kept searching for financial independence, exploring one opportunity after another from 1956 until 2015, and then it happened. My sister-in-law, 5 years prior had invited me to become an Avon representative. That just was not what I was looking for, so I declined, I really wanted to make my success in the field of nutritional supplements. After all I had studied the beneficial effects of vitamins, minerals and herbs on the body for almost 50 years, I even owned a license to a computerized program that analyzed the systems of the body and accurately suggested the supplements that could help each client gain optimal good health. 

I later discovered that people would rather look good and smell good than to feel good. Yes, you guessed it I joined the Avon family in November 2015. To my amazement it has been the most incredible experience of my entire business world. I have been unusually busy with sales, Avon is so well known that it sells itself. But just as the author of the book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad", suggested, you have to look beyond the obvious to find the real gem.

Many do not realize that Avon is over a hundred thirty years old and has produced some millionaire's. Getting back to the not so obvious, within the Avon infra-structure lies a system with unlimited potential, especially for an experienced multi-level-marketer (an inexperienced mlm'er can do quite well also).Okay, wrap your mind around this: Within the Avon system there is a program called ALMA, this is a lead share program in which Avon provides leads of people who have contacted the company, and are already interested in becoming a representative. These leads are free to qualified members. We'll get back to the qualifications in a minute. Avon pays its members $35 for each of these leads that we contact, who becomes a member. How sweet is that? We contact leads who have expressed an interest in becoming a representative and we (Avon recruiters) get paid $35 when they join the Avon family.

How many people do you think know about this unique opportunity offered by Avon? When I discovered it, I immediately saw the potential, as most entrepreneurs will. I got so excited you would have thought someone had just handed me a million dollars. One of my Avon generated leads said of herself,  "I'm going to rock Avon". I told her I've been rocking it since November, 2015, so we'll be rocking it together!Now, do the math, 10 x $35 = $350. How many can you do in a day or a week? Let's remember it is not all about the money. It's about spending more time with your family and friends. I encourage my downline to take at least 2 days a week off and refresh themselves so as not to get burned out.

What are the requirements to qualify for the Avon lead share program?

•    You must have 2 members in your downline, and

•    You must complete the ALMA Training Modules (takes 2 hours or less)

That's it!  Go now to:; and begin your journey to financial freedom!

This article was published on 13.07.2016 by Courtney Napieralski
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