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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired - literally and figuratively?! Are you tired all day, but have trouble getting to sleep at night without taking something? Less than six weeks ago my hip hurt so badly from arthritis that some days I wanted to scream! I walked with a very visible limp and I was in constant agonizing pain… inflammation! To make things worse, my weight was at an all-time high, over 250 pounds! Even though I had all these physical problems, in my mind my finances were still my biggest problem of all! I was too broke to pay attention!  I couldn’t see my way clear to do anything more than stay at my job as a cook for a pre-K center making $10.10 an hour working 36 ½ hours a week. I had been looking for a work from home opportunity forever even though I had a job because I simply couldn’t make do on my salary. To add insult to injury at the age of 62, retiring wasn’t in my immediate future – I simply couldn’t afford it! No 401K, no pension, nothing, nada, zippo, zilch!!!

One day while doing my usual job site scanning, I saw an ad for a wellness company called ZURVITA. I was specifically looking for a work from home, part time opportunity, which is what they offered. After watching the video, reading about the product and doing some online research (aka due diligence), I decided to give it a try! They offered free samples so what did I have to lose? Even if I decided not to go for the business opportunity, I could still try the wellness drink called ZEAL. Nothing to lose and everything to gain, as they say! Not only could I take the product and all the amazing ingredients in it as a customer, I could also become a consultant! Yes – my own, work from home, part-time business! But first things first! I had to make sure that the claims were true and that ZEAL worked! I had to make sure that the business I wanted to get into was a real business with a real product that really worked! Well let me tell you, work it does! ZEAL is an all-in-one wellness drink of 39 plus super foods and nutrients. In just six short weeks, I feel unbelievable! Zeal gives me energy, is gluten free and loaded with more nutrition than any other product found in your local health food, wellness or whole food store! I have already lost over 30 pounds using the ZURVITA weight loss product that includes ZEAL as a cornerstone product! Oh – and by the way, I love ZEAL!!! My favorite flavor is Wild Berry, I just mix it with water, drink it and go! I like to drink my breakfast and my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, then I eat lunch and dinner. It works for me! I personally know of ZEAL having a life changing impact on people with migraines, diabetes, sleep disorders, body and joint aches and pains, high blood pressure and the list goes on! It even makes an amazing energy drink! My nephew loves to drink it before he runs. Again, this is a product made of superfoods, not chemicals and fillers. If you can eat food, you can take ZEAL! Even kids can take it and should take it if they are fast food fans like most kids are today!

Last but not least, if you want to join me in this business, you will find that this company is on a level by itself with its outstanding product and even more outstanding compensation plan! People are literally making thousands of dollars a month in less time that you’d expect! You’ve got to go and watch this video, there’s just too much to tell you about here! There’s an auto program (as in free car), and a bonus program for new members to earn a cash bonus within the first 30 days and so much more! We’re talking a real life changing opportunity to make a difference in your life and in your family’s lives! Don’t let this pass you by! ZEAL sells itself and people can FEEL the difference within 20 minutes of drinking it! There’s even a free Doctor’s report & free samples to prove it! Just send me your info (name, email address, phone number) and the best time to call!

This article was published on 22.06.2016 by Charlotte Mwagbe
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