How I Became an Ambassador in 12 Days with a Travel Company

My name is Lesly Cange, an Atlanta- based small business owner, a social entrepreneur with a passion to share my gift, talent and resources with those in my circle of influence.  

I studied Finance & Marketing at Sacred Heart University and for a good portion of my life I was very involved in various community development projects. I am very passionate about life and most importantly I enjoy helping others. I built my entire life around one basic truth: "Naked I came into the world and naked I will depart". Of what benefit is it to accumulate knowledge and wealth and not share it. Early on, I realized one thing - when you share with those around you, three things happen - you uplift another fellow human being, you live life with a deep sense of inner satisfaction and above all, long after you're gone, your memory still lives on".   

Having spent decades working in the areas of business development and traditional marketing, I needed a change and I began looking deeper and deeper into network marketing. I realize that network marketing is the only business model that gives you the potential to turn a small investment into a huge income generating machine. This fascination for the industry coupled with my deep passion for web marketing, I began researching the industry. At the onset, my findings were a bit disturbing, especially when I encountered people who have worked hard in the industry and have nothing to show for decades of work and investments joining one company after another. I was on a mission to change all that.    

I got together with some of my colleagues and we developed a platform with a fully integrated proprietary software that enables you to locate your downline / upline at the touch of a button. We did our first Test in September joining a travel company, the results were phenomenal. I went from being new member to achieving 6 paid rank advancement bonus to becoming an ambassador within about 20 days. Something that has never been done in the industry. I am not usually the type that would openly expose nor brag about my accomplishments, however, to put your mind at ease, I thought I would share this link HERE IS THE PROOF. 

My whole life, there is one thing that I have always believed in - If there is a better way to do it - I WILL FIND IT! That's exactly what we did. We have built a system that practically turns network marketing into a failure proof business. The traditional ways of running a business no longer works, we have to start moving with the time. Today, it's all about automation, where you can earn while you sleep. I simply invite you to keep an open mind - this system is built for those and only those serious about making real money hassle free and RISK FREE. No recruitment - No selling - no weekly meetings - none of the non sense that you use to associate with traditional network marketing. If you are not serious about making money, SIMPLY DO NOT JOIN!    

I know many of you are thinking, well I am already affiliated with a company this is not for me. My response to that: JUST THINK OUT OF THE BOX FOR A MOMENT! If our system will help you generate a 6 figure income in 6 months would you walk away simply because you want to be loyal to a company that you are struggling to build!   

Join us on this amazing journey. Membership is set at 149.00 USD. However, During the pre-launch phase, registration is only open to founders. So, those joining now, for a LIMITED TIME, have the unique opportunity to secure a founder's position and enjoy a LIFETIME Membership for ONLY 19.95 USD. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and position yourself for success. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.   


 ​My favorite quote: "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"

This article was published on 22.05.2019 by Les Cange
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