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by Yadav Timmal, published 14.12.2015
As seen above, their initial proposal is a more progressive tax system which would tax the rich at a higher rate than the poor, as adopted in most countries but more severely in some European countries such as France. This is an ongoing problem as the government seeks to spread the income earned amongst its citizens equally but is a highly unlikely goal in the foreseeable future. The introduction of the solidarity tax is a modern thought that is used in Europe in countries like France and Germany and may seem to be a plausible step to increasing revenue and helping the economy. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 14.12.2015
So as the heading says "You are Broke" you have no savings, no spare money. What are you going to do ?Are you going to join us and get ready to be non-broke, or are you going to keep on the same path and amass more debt to be more broke.So do you have a plan to get out of your current situation ? Would you rather be debt free and have the cash to do what goes through your mind each day.We can help you, for a small amount ($67) you can work with us and get yourself on the road to become debt free and have some of your dreams come true. Continue reading →

by Greg Mccormick, published 13.12.2015
Thank you for taking the time today to join me as I share my journey into what, has on many levels changed my life and that of my families. I always was interested in customer care at many levels. In my 50 years working I have experienced every known avenue of direct sales as a business. Never had I encountered, let alone knew existed true structure and workability until last year. I was introduced to Market America. Continue reading →

by Jan Terry, published 13.12.2015
Webopedia had this great definition of the term webinar:webinar (Web-based seminar) by Vangie BealShort for Web-based seminar, a webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss information.Contrast with Webcast, in which the data transmission is one way and does not allow interaction between the presenter and the audience. Continue reading →

Why Joining A New Opportunity May Not Be The Answer For You(visit for your free copy of "20 ways to get leads")Have you been talking to people about your opportunity, yet no one seems to be interested?Are you tired of being rejected, and avoided all the time?Well my friend, I use to feel the same way, and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Then, I discovered something that helped me go quickly from recruiting no one in my business, to top levels, and leader of several teams. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 13.12.2015
Well, a New Year is fast approaching, are you ready for it ?Did you have high hopes in 2015 ? How did you do ? If you are like many people you did not have the means or the way to reach your hopes/dreams. Well, what if we told you that we have the business opportunity that can propel you forward in 2016. Would you be interested, or will you still struggle the way you did in the year before.Join us, we have the vehicle that will help you to reach your New Year dreams. Continue reading →

by Jan Terry, published 13.12.2015
To change one's mind is not just a women's prerogative. With all that happens in today's work place and the financial world, we often find it necessary to leave one opportunity for a better opportunity with another company. Sometimes, it is possible to maintain your position with the first opportunity while pursuing something that might appear to be better for you. All too often, this is not the case and you must break off all business activity from the first opportunity. Continue reading →

by Jan Terry, published 12.12.2015
Everyone seems to have an answer to the question, "How to make money online?" or you would think they do by all the advertisements for programs that have the secret they want to share with you for a fee. The reality is that this is a very multifaceted question with no one correct answer. Let's consider what someone is really looking for when they ask this question. If you are looking for a way to make money online, you have to look examine many things about yourself first:How much technical expertise do you have? Continue reading →

by Network Marketing Assistance, published 12.12.2015
Trade Unions in South Africa have and continue to play a major role in the economy with respect to ‘governing’ the majority of the workforce in the largest sectors of the country, promoting employee’s rights with an overall aim of an increase in the economic welfare of their respective members in the long run. Economists and social commentators have ever portrayed divided opinions on the nature and approach of these Trade Unions and argue that, possibly, a society void of them would yield better economic growth and allow the country to prosper better. Continue reading →

by Lamia Fartouna Bougherra, published 12.12.2015
Hi everyone I'm Lamia foreverliving business ownerI joined this amazing business in February 2015 My story My background is medical and marketing ,I searched to start my new business and all the links loaded me to the Eco friendly projects from that point I started to focus on healthy and 100% natural products.Forever provides ordinary people with an opportunity to build an exciting future.this is a chance to start a business with real potential,uncapped earnings and proven results,and all whilst still being able to achieve that elusive work-life balance. Continue reading →

by Bill Wierzbinski, published 12.12.2015
Hello— I hope you’re having a great and prosperous day wherever you might be on Earth right now. I wanted to bring a particular website to your attention today, because it takes the concepts of network marketing and crowdfunding, and brings them together in a very powerful way. How many of us, regardless of how long we have been in the network marketing industry, whether 10 seconds or 20 years, have gotten to the level where we’ve earned what the MLM guru Michael Dlohy refers to as the “super duper space cadet bonus? Continue reading →

by Dan Arnold, published 12.12.2015
The Paleo Diet can be the best athletic fuel you've ever put in your mouth. The stories of dramatic success and hours of clean-burning "Turbo energy" are everywhere! But is it really worth it? The primary goal of the Paleo Diet is to reduce the production of harmful AGEs (Advanced Glycation End) in the diet so they can't cause an excess buildup of Oxidative Stress in the body. The Paleo Diet is comprised of recommended foods with low AGEs, and food preparation methods that maintain low AGEs. Continue reading →

by Tamara Hancock, published 12.12.2015
Years ago, I was sitting in a friend's livingroom watching a demonstration on fancy cookware. The party was fun, the atmosphere was great, the food was fantastic (and so easy duplicate at home - with a few product purchases, of course), and I thought to myself - wow, this looks easy, I could totally do this. By the end of the demonstration, she had me; hook, line, and sinker. So, when she mentioned just how much money I could make selling these very same products, and the pictures and stories of 'those who had made it', not to mention those exciting incentive trips. Continue reading →

by John Deane, published 12.12.2015
Hello Fellow MLM'sI hope you're all well and have had a good 2015.I've made a decision for 2016 and that is to free up time so i can spend more of my precious time with family and friends. Doing more of the things i want, and less of the things i don't want. How did this all come about you may ask? Well i attended a pretty large (very popular) seminar in Jhb with an International Organization that assist you in becoming financially free. Continue reading →

by Jan Terry, published 11.12.2015
We have all heard about the genius internet marketers that has earned huge amounts of money with their "secret formulas" or that "special trick" they discovered. Now that they have made all the money they will ever need, they are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of the internet world for ONLY $999, make that just $599 if you decide before you leave the page. If you haven't figured it out by now, their "secret" is to sell as many of these special programs as they can. Continue reading →

by Sylvie Eymin, published 11.12.2015
This system is just amazing, you surely learn that it is difficult to find referrals in the network marketing business/MLM, to recruit them into the business, we know that 90% are condamned to failed and we know that to make money we have to duplicate as much as we can, otherwise we won't reach that income to Financial Freedom.Recruiting friends and family does either not work that well and you will search new prospects via the internet, leads and co, which may work, investing lot of money. Continue reading →

by Bryan Cooper, published 11.12.2015
How many of us have said, "been there, done that", or "I have been in many other companies, but I just haven't been able to make them work". Well that "IS" me. I have been in at least 20 other network marketing businesses and even though I have sponsored many people, I just have not been able to make a living at it.Well I am proud to say, today that has changed! The biggest problem in all of the other businesses has always been, how-and-who to prospect! Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 10.12.2015
So what are your New Years resolutions ? Have you thought about the upcoming year yet ? Most people want to lose weight, go to the gym etc. But how many want to change to become DEBT FREE.A lot of people are in debt and do not have a way out of it. If this is where you are, let us help you to start the New Year off running.For a small investment ($67) you can begin to reduce your debts and in a matter of months become debt free. Continue reading →

by Yemisi Akintande, published 10.12.2015
Hey If you are really sure you know what you are doing as a marketer, you will agree with me you need an affordable system to help you build your own LIST, and follow-up for those who show interest in your opportunity.If you think you don’t however need such a system. PLEASE STOP READING!But, if you agree, we have cracked the code, read onI will tell you this... when you find something this good, you focus on it and make it all you need and want it to be! Continue reading →

by Tarah Doyle, published 10.12.2015
Are you an 8?Are you looking for financial freedom?Do you want a better work life balance?Do you want to escape the rat race?Would you like to achieve your financial freedom in as little as 6 months?Do you want to change peoples lives for the better?Have you ever wanted to own a Mercedes Benz?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then listen up!I am looking for 2 business partners who have an open mind, vision and are who are motivated to join me. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 10.12.2015
Well, here we are just completing 2015, what did you achieve ? Did you achieve your dreams/goals ? Do you have any dreams/goals for 2016 ?There are a lot of people who are currently struggling with the following;a) Out of work.b) Hours cut short.c) Medical challenges.d) No hope of changing their current situation.What if we could show you a way to change the above, would you be interested. If so, please go to the link provided. Continue reading →

by Geoffrey Ayebazibwe, published 10.12.2015
Dr. Ayebazibwe Mujungu Geoffrey has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Master of Science in Pharmacology from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). As a professional T3 Trainer in Public Speaking, Dr. Ayebazibwe was the speaker of Western Inter-guild Association, a Minister of (MUST) Campus Affairs and Students’ Welfare and Chairperson, Integrity Ambassadors Association. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 09.12.2015
So we are at the brink of a New Year, what are your plans to reduce that debt ? Do you have any ? Or will you just carry on doing the same things and going deeper into debt.Would you spend as an investment $67 to get out of debt and work with people who really want you to succeed ?Would you like to pay off all of your debts in the New Year ?Would you like to have the money to do what you feel like and not worry about bills, debts etc ? Continue reading →

Greetings & blessings for AllI am a network marketer with WGN,The first MLM company specialized in telecom, technology and solar energy.Resident in Dubai - UAE & interested in connecting with serious open minded people from all around the world wither they are in mlm business currently or not.. Interested in connecting with serious open minded people from all around the world wither they are in mlm business currently or not. Continue reading →

by Peter Hack, published 08.12.2015
Have you ever had the opportunity to become debt free ? Do you like most people have any debts ?If you answered yes then you may be the one we want to join our team. We are Peter and Patti and we have an amazing business opportunity for you. Our plan is to help as many people as possible become debt free and enjoy life, instead of worrying how they are going to pay the bills that always seem to come no matter what. Continue reading →

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