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This is a typical scenario. You join up to what you think is a business opportunity which will change your life. You're all gung-ho about it. You work hard at the business. You hold meetings, sample people with your products and you go all out promoting the business in all the ways you have been instructed.A month passes and your family and friends now start to ask you if you're making money and if not why not? Continue reading →

by Jaysel Parmar, published 26.04.2016
Looking for a CHANGE!?! Wanting to get more out of life, tired of going to your dead end JOB, feeling down and upset?? Well why don’t you look at our opportunity, the opportunity to be working from home that can be done on part time or full time basis, building your own business being able to earn a residual income and to gain some amazing incentives!! Everyone should wake up everyday feeling so happy and so grateful, to be so thankful for the life that they have and the life that they can create! Continue reading →

by Christy Armbruster, published 26.04.2016
doTERRA essential oils for life! I started my oil journey 18 months ago with a Family Physician Kit. After adding the Lifelong Vitality Pack and Deep Blue capsules, I knew my path in life was changing. My husband shared with me how much better his muscles and joints felt because of the Deep Blue capsules. Just a few weeks later, I felt more energy than I have in my entire life because of consistent use of the Lifelong Vitality Pack. Continue reading →

by Josef Cabo, published 26.04.2016
The Fastest Growing Network of Home Based Furniture Brokers is seeking an MLM Home in the United States, as well as, connected intermediaries for International Expansion.Our core business is selling $25,000 Licensed Furniture Business Opportunities called:1). iDealFurniture Distribution Centers2). PerfectDreamer SleepshopsThe larger opportunity for us, though, is the Home Based BigTicketBroker Membership that allows Members to leverage the Distribution Center as their own store, but with $0 overhead. Continue reading →

by Joe Holloway, published 26.04.2016
In the early 80s & 90s & up till Recently Consumers all over U.S. & the Worldhave overpaid Millions to Cable & Satellite Companies for less then 250 Channels& movies & alot times experience outages & cancelled channels!! Now the Past 5 -10 yearsor more- Streaming TV has caught on.. At Legacy Direct BTV we are proud to be at the LeadingEdge since Last year 2015. Our BTV Media Box is very Advanced, Fully updated & all Streamingcontent is Fully Legal, Cannot Download & lots of other great Features! Continue reading →

by Melanie Shiell, published 26.04.2016
We are a $300 million dollar company that is pioneering an all-new business model. Our product innovation of cutting-edge products coupled with an industry leading compensation plan has created an amazing opportunity. WE ARE THE WORLD LEADER IN CLEAN LIVING IF IT ISN’T SAFE WE WON’T USE IT. Crafting safe and natural products has been our focus for over a quarter century. Today’s modern shopper is more informed than ever before and they want to know where their product is coming from. Continue reading →

by Roslyn Hemmings, published 26.04.2016
Hi, my name is Roslyn and I'm a stay at home Mum from Shellharbour, NSW, Australia.In 2011, I was let go from my part time position and felt very disillusioned with the now politics of the modern workplace. I have struggled since this time to find a job that would accomodate family life and my beliefs.In 2012, I started selling my art online and have been very successful selling throughout Australia in Handmade stores. Continue reading →

by Bjørn Laupsa-Borge, published 25.04.2016
Join iMarketsLive and see the Compounding Effect!Take the opportunity now and let your money work for you. Risk-free. You let the professional traders do the job. You create an account, either a demo account (as a start and to see how it all works) or a live account, where the expert traders do the job in the FOREX markets. A $ market, 24 hours Monday to Friday. No experience needed! Continue reading →

by Grigore Turcanu, published 25.04.2016
TLC is all about CHANGE – motivating yourself to make everything possible. You have the power, we give you the support and tools to make it work. Are you ready to stay healthy? Enjoy peace of mind and be stress free by earning a second income easily promoting products you use every day.Total Life Changes invites you to be part of World Wide MOMENTUMJoin My Team and You Will Not Be AloneMost people claim they want freedom, but then don’t want to do whatis required to make it happen. Continue reading →

by Paul Biddle, published 25.04.2016
Welcome. Ok firstly yes 100% matching commissions is correct (not 20/30/50) and yes for those people who find it difficult to recruit a system that will generate signups for them. Hopefully you have a successful business that has exceeded your expectations; one of the biggest minefields with any business format is recruiting and on-going communications with potentially new and established team members. Continue reading →

by Courtnie Browning, published 25.04.2016
I'm an independent distributor for It Works Global! Home of that crazy wrap thing, ever heard of it before? No?! Well, it's a botanically infused non woven cloth that tightens, tones, and firms in 45 minutes while reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. But that's not all we have! We have various products ranging from skin care to overall health.Our product lines:Body: The It Works! Continue reading →

by Nat Grainger, published 25.04.2016
I am an Independent Distributor for Kyani and I am proud to be part of a very successful team that is extremely supportive and provide ongoing training and advice. This company want people to succeed and live life healthy and wealthy. If your motivated and either experienced in Network Marketing or just new to it, please send me a message and I will answer all your questions. This company accommodates everyone and shows them how to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be. Continue reading →

by Tanya Perry, published 25.04.2016
Hi Everyone!!!! Listen up!!! If you have no heared about this you must take action!!!Do you want FREE exposure to YOU or your BUSINESS? Get in FutureNet FREE right now to secure your position.It's an amazing Social Media platform, just like Facebook, but you get PAID for every activity. Post, like, share, watch, chat and more and get PAID.We have teams generating $40k in commissions in just a few weeks. Continue reading →

by Carrie Lee, published 25.04.2016
I am a Single Mom and a Leader in a Brand New Company in Canada and USA that just launched April 4th. I have just started my own home business and team building and it is becoming very busy...Every single day more and more people are choosing to live a more healthy lifestyle and become more healthy with Hemp based products. HEMP is a superfood that contains a full daily requirement of all Essential Vitamins and Minerals. Continue reading →

by Jesus A Baeza, published 25.04.2016
If you are someone who enjoys working out; exercising; eating healthy, then my opportunity is for you. Let me also mentioned that you could make a great deal of money by doing simply this. We have a great binary system set up so when that one member does good, the whole team does good. It doesn't cost much to get started. If you are already involved in another company, it does no harm including another company and your success. Continue reading →

by Marc Wagenknecht, published 25.04.2016
It does make sense to carry a few euros to the Bank every month to get 0.01% interest for it at the end of the year? Answer: No. Here is our best investment strategy: The spreading of capital into several different forms of investment is the key to a profitable investment, as well as a partly rapid multiplication of the brought sum within a few months. We are not talking here of vast sums, but by 50, 100, 200 or 500 euro / dollar - unique. Continue reading →

by Susan Kaup, published 25.04.2016
Hello! I am Sue Kaup, an Independent Consultant with Neal's Yard Remedies. My concern about the lotion and lip balm my granddaughter was using led me to do a little research. Many chemicals in personal care products have never been tested for safety, and may also accumulate and interact in potentially harmful ways. What you put on your skin, gets into the bloodstream. I also found the health and beauty industry in the United States is basically self-regulated, and products can include ingredients that are known to be dangerous, endocrine disrupting and carcinogenic. Continue reading →

by Desiree Kosten, published 25.04.2016
When we find and incredibly effectiveproduct and brand we love, we talk about it. Through our enthusiasm and recommendations, many of our friends try the product too. What if you could earn commission on each sale you influence? What if you could set your own schedule and work on your time, setting your owngoals, from anywhere in the world, and reap tangible financial rewards? That's the basic premise behind network marketing. Continue reading →

by Laura Dawson, published 25.04.2016
Are you actively looking for a brand new MLM opportunity? A one with such diverse product ranges that you'll appeal to everybody you meet?We are a health and wellness opportunity that have had exponential growth in the UK since September and it's now time to hit South Africa. We will be heading to Johannesburg from the 6th-7th August at the Ridge Casino, Highfelt Mall, Whitbank and would love to see you there. Continue reading →

by Elisa Modalini, published 24.04.2016
Good morning everyone! My name is Elisa, I'm Italian ( so please excuse me for my imperfect English) . I never thought that my career would be in network marketing, I always said I'm not able to sell or promote . But there are chances in life you have to take, otherwise you will regret. The occasion to be among one of the first to START a network market in your country are rare, and a wise person understand the potentiality. Continue reading →

by Abdellah Moutahir, published 24.04.2016
LANGUAGE LEARNING PORTALWhen tаkіng lessons оnlіnе with, уоu receive your lessons аnd interact wіth your teachers оn a соmрutеr at home оr at уоur оffісе. Yоu do not hаvе tо соmmutе асrоѕѕ thе сіtу tо meet уоur tеасhеr. Nоt оnlу dоеѕ this frее uр tіmе аnd saves еnеrgу that уоu nееd fоr other thіngѕ in уоur buѕу life, but it аlѕо means you can tаkе ѕhоrtеr lessons more frеԛuеntlу, which саn be more еffесtіvе fоr language learning. Continue reading →

by Sarah Browne, published 24.04.2016
HELLO!My name is Sarah Browne. I am a mother 4 amazing little people and happily married. We relocated from Melbourne to beautiful Noosa, in Queensland Australia in January 2015. This was thanks to my home online business, that retired my husband and I from shiftwork and traditional business. I joined my company specifically for the product. In fact I was so raw, I had never heard the terms 'MLM' or 'Network Marketing', I actually googled them both. Continue reading →

by Theresa Elvins, published 24.04.2016
Hi, my name is Theresa and I am an Arbonne independent consultant. Arbonne is a Swiss Heritage Health and Wellness company. Arbonne has been in business since 1980 and for 36 years have been dedicated to develop product that is botanically based and is Pure, Safe and Benificual. Arbonne products are Certified Vegan, Gluten Free, PETA , FSC and Non-GMO. Our product is dermatologist tested and clinically proven. Continue reading →

by Kari Shaw, published 24.04.2016
I initially started using Seacret products 3.5 years ago. I absolutely loved the products & what they did for my skin! In June 2015 I finally listened to my friend & decided to join as an agent. At the time I had a 1.5 year old & 4 month old. I did not return to work after my first so after working since the age of 14 (so for 14 years & that doesn't include all the babysitting the 2 years prior to ! Continue reading →

by Onboard Incruises, published 23.04.2016
Who would like the opportunity to cruise and make money whilst cruising?Incruises is a cruise travel membership club powered by direct sales / network marketing. It affords our membership Dream Cruise vacations on 4 & 5 star cruise lines at 50% less than the advertised cost.Cruising offers the best vacation value to see the world in comfort and style.They are two ways to join 1) as a member or 2) for the business opportunity as a partner. Continue reading →

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