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doTERRA review - What doTERRA offers and why joining doTERRA is for you

doTERRA review

I am guessing that you have read many doTERRA reviews before arriving at this review, so lets jump straight in and say the doTERRA online is probably one of the top MLM essential oil companies in the world and this is why.

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So, below I have laid out the ten reason why joining doTERRA will be the best decision your will ever make.

  1. The doTERRA company and brand: doTERRA has been around since 2008 originally starting with a few essential oils and blends and has grown globally since then. Interestingly, doTERRA was a startup funded by the owners and for some time now have no outstanding loans or debt. This makes doTERRA a very sustainable and secure company that is unlike to go out of business any time soon.  This means if you want to work with doTERRA today it is highly likely that you will be working with doTERRA in 10 years time. 
  2. doTERRA purity not in question: If you are strictly business minded in regards to joining a MLM business, you will still be interest why people buy doTERRA oils. In the case of doTERRA it is all about the purity of their products and the test process. Customers return month after month, because they love and need the oils so much for their family and personal use. It seems that using a 100% pure essential oils in more effective than those that are not. 
  3. doTERRA healing hands projects:  The Healing hands foundation is a non-profit making charity within the doTERRA company.  Through conversations I have had with doTERRA members they talk about the healing hands foundation as an important part of the doTERRA brand. Most members identify with this type of philanthropy that helps and support causes all over the world.  The projects include,  Anti-human trafficking. clean water, children, disaster relief, empowerment of women, global health and self-reliance. 
  4. Never a bad word said about the competition: I have to respect this of doTERRA. It would be so easy to be disrespectful of other MLM essential oil companies, but they simply don't. I am guessing that the owners are honest and respectful people and know they have a company and product that offers value to their customer. So, there is no more said.
  5. The doTERRA aroma from their oils are intoxicating:  What I mean is they smell great! This comes for the journey the raw product makes start from the harvesting, distilling and finally the quality protocol. This means that the raw product needs to be the best of the best to make the best smelling and pure essential oil. To make the perfect smelling and pure essential oil, the process needs to be perfect, which doTERRA achieves every time. 
  6. doTERRA testing: The doTERRA testing standard is called "Certified Pure Testing Grade (CPTG)". The main reason why doTERRA is trusted in regards to their testing protocols is because they are done by a third party and the result are open and transparent. 
  7. Is doTERRA a Mormon company: Simple answer is NO! The many years I have been with doTERRA as a wellness advocate and leader the mention of religion has never come up in meetings or workshops. From my experience of attending their conventions is that the membership is an eclectic group of people with no definable religious affiliation. 
  8. doTERRA training: The training doTERRA offers is one thing that has improved over the years.  New doTERRA members can go online and attend any of the training products and multi media option for free. This does mean that the doTERRA advocate needs to be proactive. There is also, Facebook groups that offer help and support in regards to the business and the products. Overall you get out of the doTERRA training that you put into it.
  9. doTERRA sourcing: doTERRA seems to be in front of the curve regarding the sourcing of their raw product and how it is paid for and delivered to the customer. doTERRA's Co-Impact Sourcing policy means that they are interested in how they impact everything and everybody in the production chain. This starts fro finding the best place in the world to harvest the product to how a harvester will cope in the low season when there normally would be no money coming into the family. This policy has had a massive impact in the lives of families of second and third world countries globally. 
  10. The doTERRA membership is about people: I understand that this is not for everyone, but doTERRA is like a massive global family. The relationship that I have built over the last 10 years have become strong and deep in the sense, that I am able to trust and rely on in many cases people I have never physically met. I recently wrote a eBook about online prospecting in network marketing and asked a doTERRA friend to look it over. She didn't just read it for me, she also done all the typos and gave me a review of the eBook. This took her a lot of time and effort out of her day. 

Conclusion  to this doTERRA review

I could have joined any of the many MLM essential oil companies, but after long consideration I choose doTERRA. At the time of joining I saw a young and innovative company that seemed to be doing all the right moves. At the time I am writing the review they are still striving towards greatness in the world of MLM. Regardless, if you love essential oils or not, the customer base is massive and for the business minded, the people who join doTERRA seriously interested in building a doTERRA business is relatively small. This means there is some much room for those with aspirations  to be a leader in doTERRA. 

For more details about joining doTERRA as a wellness advocate (doTERRA distributor) click on either of the links in this article.


This article was published on 24.06.2021 by Steven Jackson
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