Nobel Prize Nominated Scientist Partners with Valentus

Valentus is a company that has carved out a niche in network marketing with their flagship weight loss product - Optimum Coffee and a variety of PreVail products.  Now they have partnered with Dr. Joseph Ahrens a 2 time Nobel prize nominated scientist who has spent decades researching and finding the best sources of flavonoids the plant world has to offer.  It is not just that some people have poor diets (although that is true) but these flavonoids have been bred out of our diets - no matter how healthy our diet is.  You would literally have to eat pounds of grapes daily as just one example,  to get just one of these compounds.  Dr. Ahrens first  product that he has formulated for Valentus is called PreVail 24/7.  It's main function is to put our bodies where they need to be so it can heal itself with both a day (am) and evening (pm) formulas.  As a two time cancer survivor this is a huge bonus for me and the energy and health I am experiencing even as I age is astounding!  This is not only a potential weight loss and carb burning supplement created from ingredients found in nature it also helps elevate mood, improve sleep, tighten skin and smooth cellulite and balance the body so it can heal.  With all Dr. Ahrens research and testing we know that this is just the first product of many that truly are going to change the lives of millions of people worldwide and what better place to market it than with a company that ethically ships or has agreements in countries around the globe.  Come join us and be a part of that change to eradicate ill health and help our bodies come back into true balance the way nature intended.  In addition you can be well rewarded for your efforts and in fact the Valentus compensation plan is very generous at the mid-level which is where many people choose to be as this is an opportunity they do on a part-time basis.  Come join me as we find and share better health.

Check out the company at: or check out more information on the latest product 24/7 at

This article was published on 12.04.2019 by Cathy Manson
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Valentus - weight loss, health, 20 USD to join

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