Peanut butter in the chocolate or chocolate in the peanut butter?

I would suspect that if the title caught your attention and you are reading this you remember the old Reese's Peanut butter cup commercial where one man is eating out of a jar of peanut butter and a 2nd man with a chocolate bar bumps into him and the chocolate bar gets stuck in the peanut butter. Until they both taste the combo both seem rather upset. But as history shows that combination has been a great hit. An amazing business venture to say the least. Wouldn't you agree?

What if something similar was about to happen again? Do you suppose that would be a great business opportunity?

Nearly 25 years ago a breakthrough was made in aloe vera research and, because the FDA said that since it isn't poisonous it has to be called a nutritional supplement, the first generation acemannan product was introduced to the world. Millions of people all over the world were introduced and have enjoyed the health benefits of getting a life back. In recent years one of the original researchers took some research out of South Korea that found that only a certain molecular weight was what gives the human body the ability to modulate the immune system. There are companies that have some kind of aloe in their nutritional products but unless it is of this specific molecular weight it is like having a first or second generation aloe and not the 5th generation.

As of the fall of 2018 within the Farm Bill passed in the US Congress a major shift occurred. With the legalizing of Hemp as a nutritional supplement and it has hit the market and in a big way. You can go down thru the list of members and see plenty of people who have joined a company that is taking advantage of such a grand opportunity. No doubt those who are in those networking companies are doing quite well.

Here's where things are about to get exciting. The part of the plant that has the highest THC is what is toxic and has to be regulated as a drug. What is on the market as CBD oil has something like .3 percent THC so even though it still has a very minimal amount if given a drug test a person can test positive. BUT, the researcher who has patented the CBD oil with ZERO THC, knowing the wonderful healing benefits with no toxins wanted to take it to the world's most vulnerable children and didn't know how. Enter Evolv Health. Evolv Health was granted the exclusive rights to the world's only acemannan that totally modulates the immune system by it's researcher and patent holder as long as they took it to the world's most sickly, vulnerable, children. Because Evolv Health has a buy 1 nourish 2 social business model to eradicate childhood malnutrition, that is just what the owner of the totally non-toxic CBD  wanted to do, the rights have been granted to Evolv Health and as of March 1, 2019, the 2 will become one. Evolv will have a CBD oil with acamannan and together the 2 will have a synergistic health affect in the human body. (there's science to back this up but is too lengthy for here)

If this sounds like something you need to check out by all means I'd be honored to visit with you. If you can see the business potential and would like to procure a position there is no waiting. Positions are being filled. Come alone or bring downline with you. Want to talk first by all means let's talk.

Can you imagine one day people saying, you got your acemannan in my CBD, No, you got your CBD in my acemannan.

Five million children 5 and under die of malnutrition every year. Your help is needed to eradicate this world wide problem. If you don't want to help thanks for at least reading.

This article was published on 14.01.2019 by Doug Dye
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