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What Stops You From Making Money?

Surely there are many reasons you may come up with for not making money.  But the real reason may be FEAR.  It is huge and it is real. But fear from what?

There are many fears that you may harbor.  At the top of the list is fear of failure.  Failure is not pleasant. You think you will fail because your ideas are stupid.  You may think you are not good enough so you will fail. The fear takes you over and it practically freezes from taking any action.  By the way, fear stops you from doing many things, not only for making money.  Unfortunately, fear holds you back thus stopping you from growing as you live in fear.

So, what you do?

At the onset, have a mindset such that you will “accept failure but welcome success.”


Why is that important, you ask.

Simply you have removed the fear of failure.  Of course, you do not like failure, but you are willing to accept it.  You need to note that any failure can be beneficial if you can learn from it.  You can always correct any mistakes and move on to turn it into success.

You are sure what success can bring you.  In your business venture, it means more money leading to financial freedom.

Next, failure is not personal.  There are many obstacles you may embark in your business venture.  Because you will be dealing with people as you must bring them into the fold.  Many are likely to walk away from you.  Mostly, their walking away may not have anything to with you.  It could be very well because of bad timing or they may have their own issues to deal with. Remember, it is not personal rejection.  Simply focus on those who are interested in your product or services.

It is important to attract people who are interested.  It starts with creating a good funnel.  As a matter of fact, creating funnels (attraction page) must be part of your marketing strategy.  Your marketing strategy is to build your business- that is to brand yourself.  Then you need to get and build a channel on YouTube.


Work smart not hard. Putting too much pressure to earn and not enjoying yourself then you will lose motivation quick, fast, and in a hurry.  Realize WHY you are in business.  Your enthusiasm in your business will help you get people to be part of your team.  It helps and keeps you motivated. You must love what you are doing.

Simply do what you love, and you are passionate about it. Only then you won't have to chase success and money, it will find you.

This article was published on 22.09.2019 by Prakash Kunjeer
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