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Before you start reading what is written below, from the very beginning I want to warn you that it does not matter which project you are personally working with at the moment. If you read this text to the end, you can be convinced of this and understand what benefits can be obtained from all written lower.

The world is changing very quickly today. Unfortunately, this is not going for the better. We are talking not only about ecology, but also about what happens in everyday life. Circumstances are developing in such a way that it is already very difficult to believe not only in basic income, but even in ordinary pensions or any other social programs. Taking into account the fact that the population is rapidly growing, and the resources on the planet are becoming less and less, many global problems arise.

We cannot change the world, it is in the power of other people, but we can change our mind, our lifestyle and our habits. One of these habits is the belief that there is some kind of “magic project” on the Internet, in which you can solve all your problems. Because of this, many stressful situations occur, there are big losses and very often disappointment comes.

Levelnaut company – is a community of people who have decided to act together in one and the same direction – training and sharing information about online bisiness. What one person cannot do, can be done by a group of like-minded people who work in the same information field. Based on the idea that in today’s life the most significant problems are Money, Health and Knowledge, we decided to carefully select projects that allow us to develop a business in these areas.

Therefore, if you join our project, you can rely on collective experience, minimize risks and help you find the best and most profitable solutions.

Registration at project (this is the first invitation, but if there is another one at the end of the article, in the event that you continue reading)





Firstly, it is quite possible that the Levelnaut Team is already working with your project or will work with it in the future, if you think that your project is reliable and meets all the requirements of our Manifesto. At the moment we are already working with 50 of the best, in our opinion, Internet projects.



Levelnaut Team works with interesting and profitable internet projects. Depending on this, all projects should match the following rules



1. We don’t work with scams
2. We don’t work with all “small” projects (crypto faucets, clickers, airdropes, giveaways etc.) We are interested in the best and trusted services only.
3. We don’t work with not tested projects, without any proofs funds withdrawal etc.
4. We don’t work with projects, where doesn’t work Support Service
5. We do not work with projects that have been operating for less than one year in the market
6. We don’t work with projects without official affiliate (referral) program. These programs should be not less then 2-tiers ones.


1. Projects, that have an interesting idea and a good design
2. Projects, that have multilingual functional and promotion tools
3. Projects that have their own product or service


– we exchange suitable information
– anyone can propose anything (taking into account the BIG RULES)
– we try to train our own teams and groups
– we don’t discuss group members, but projects only
– we kindly ask to read this manifest BEFORE offering ANY projects at our LEVELNAUT TEAM group, check compliance with the requirements and attaching the phrase “Manifest Matches” to your offer



Levelnaut is an online community whose main goal is to provide educational and other services for all Internet users.

The Levelnaut Team is a group of people who have decided to act together in the same direction. What one person cannot do, can be done by a group of like-minded people who work in the same information field.



Problem. So many internet users are trying to start their own online business. Unfortunately, the following happens very often: people pay a rather large first registration fee and this is where their business ends. The reasons can vary from lack of experience to the most common scam. As a rule, having received such a negative result, people stop all attempts to start their own business or become a partner of an existing project.

Solution. In short, the solution to this problem can be based on four main points – low financial start (with a gradual increase), project diversification, user motivation and information support.
Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

1. Low financial start. We offer 8 levels of packages, based on the cost of the minimum start for a partner – from the cheapest to the most expensive. This not only provides an opportunity for a relatively safe financial start, but also the acquisition of the necessary initial experience for running an online business. It is possible that two more levels will be added in the future (Platinum and Diamond). But this will only happen if a sufficient number of projects that meet our criteria are presented on the market.

2. Diversification of projects. At each of the levels, projects are selected not only based on the amount of the minimum start, but also taking into account the variety of projects in terms of their reliability and activity in the specialized market.

3. It is very important that the partner has high motivation and unquenchable interest in participating in the proposed projects. Therefore, their selection also takes into account the diversity of directions and the relevance in everyday life.

4. In contrast to the system of information attack on a new partner accepted today, we offer a less aggressive approach. Instead of a powerful information flow, we offer a set of information tools (Levelnaut Tool Kit), which will allow you to very quickly understand the algorithm of actions of each of the projects, as well as an information support group in a suitable language.



Level 1 (MINT) – 5 projects – Package cost – $ 10 – The total minimum amount of entry to the proposed projects is from $ 0 to $ 50 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 2 (GREEN) – 5 projects – Package cost – $ 20 – The total minimum amount of entry to the proposed projects is from $ 50 to $ 100 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 3 (SKY) – 5 projects – Package cost – $ 30 – The total minimum amount of entry to the proposed projects is from $ 100 to $ 200 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 4 (BLUE) – 5 projects – Package cost – $ 50 – The total minimum amount of entry into projects is from $ 200 to $ 300 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 5 (PINK) – 5 projects – package cost – $ 75 – total minimum amount of entry to projects from $ 300 to $ 400 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 6 (RED)– 5 projects – package cost – $ 100 – total minimum amount of entry into projects from $ 400 to $ 500 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 7 (SILVER) – 5 projects – package cost – $ 250 – total minimum amount of entry into projects from $ 500 to $ 750 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 8 (GOLD) – 5 projects – package cost – $ 500 – total minimum amount of entry to projects from $ 750 to $ 1000 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 9 (PLATINUM) – 5 projects – package cost – $ 750 – total minimum amount of entry to projects from $ 1000 to $ 2000 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

Level 10 (DIAMOND) – 5 projects – package cost – $ 1000 – total minimum amount of entry to projects from $ 2000 to $ 15000 (or in dollar terms). Affiliate commission + ranking reward.

After registering and paying the first 10 dollars, the newbie receives (downloads in his office) Full Kit 1 – a complete information set on the first five companies or business projects projects, carefully selected by LEVELNAUT and full information support in a suitable language and in more than 20 suitable and popular in their localities messengers (Discord, Skype, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, WEChat etc.), a full list of which is also provided with Full Kit 1.

Everything happens in the same way at all other levels. Projects at each of the levels can be replaced by the LEVELNAUT company administration, if necessary or in case of force majeure.

What is there in the TOOL KIT (PACKAGE) of a certain color?


– description of the company, including the most important points

– instructions on what and how to do first (short strategy instructions)

– long-term strategy, recruiting and investing (recommendations from experienced leaders)

– check-list that is needed so that users can act effectively, use time management and control the daily implementation of a personal plan

– information aboutl online support in a suitable language – addresses of support groups in the most popular instant messengers

All information is constantly updated in accordance with its relevance.

All information is provided on the official website of the company in English, but the instructors of the Support Groups, after you join, will provide you with all the materials if necessary.



At the moment 3×50 is the basic strategy of Levelnaut and defines three basic directions of development related to Projects, Products and Services.

The first part of this strategy has already been implemented, and we have identified 50 projects and platforms with which we work, develop and invest. In this list, which is divided into 10 levels, changes are quite possible, nevertheless, this direction can be considered developed.

The second area is our Products. Our branded products are tool kits for a wide variety of areas of activity on the Internet. We are already actively using them in working with Projects. In the current period of activity of

In addition, along with the production of Products, we plan to provide a wide range of Services for partners of our company, as well as for any Internet users. We plan to increase the number of such services to 50 in the very near future.

Levelnaut Project is a very good chance for everyone to succeed in these three basic directions – Money, Health and Knowledge. The most active participants will be able to move on in their professional career too.



    What is the Levelnaut project about?

Levelnaut company is an educational project, that helps people to get necessary skills and knowledge. It also helps to earn money online, to invest safely and provides different services. Company also creates products for successful promotion on Internet and opens Support Groups in the most popular messengers in all possible languages.

    What does the word Levelnaut mean?

As everything we do in the company goes on gradually, level by level, the project is called Levelnaut. No matter what the sphere is – education, money making, career or anything else.

    How can I raise money with Levelnaut?

Anyone can make money with Levelnaut company, taking part in the work with projects we deal with or using our tools and services. No matter what the level, is everywhere is 3-tier referral/affiliate program, that gives opportunity to earn not only by referrals, but also by subreferrals.

    Should I pay anything?

Yes, the products, tool kits and services cost money. As all of them are especially worked out by the specialists of the company they cost money. But the payment, especially on low levels is not very high (it starts from 10 dollars only), everyone can join and start working practically at any moment.

    Who are the instructors?

As it was said above, the company is not oriented to endless webinars and long-lasting video tutorials. We try to help our users immediately in special Support Groups, organized in the most popular messengers and in all possible languages.

Registration at project

After registration at you can find my referral links of mentioned there projects.

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