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This Guy Recruited 934 People In His Networking Business Using This System...

Just imagine with me for a second that you had something that has the potential to the do the same thing for you in your network marketing business. Would that not be something worth having in your recruiting efforts?

What exactly is this system we're talking about here?

He used something known as The Perpetual Enrollment Machine or PEM for short.

How exactly does this thing work and how can it be so powerful to you in your business?

Well let's dig a little into that for a sec.

PEM is actually a form of something they like to call "The Upside Down Enrollment Method."

Where the business opportunity is actually presented a little later in the process. But it's the SOLUTION that gets presented first.

So let me ask you a question...

Do you struggle with getting enrollments? Getting consistent leads? Working only with quality people?

This is something an overwhelming majority of marketers struggle with on a regular basis. They're looking for ways to help them in their existing businesses. 

PEM was designed to tackle these exact problems networkers face. Not only that, but because PEM is a system to help make your biz opp even more attractive as you've got something powerful that almost no other affiliate marketer has in their business.

You see, there's a ton of people that have just a business opportunity and the reality is that these days, just a business opportunity is not enough.

People want assurance and a way to start seeing results in the business they join. Not just a promise of them making money if they join a business which by the way, is NEVER a guarantee.

But here's where it gets better...

PEM does in fact present solutions but you also can get PAID for simply sharing this system with other people. 

See PEM wasn't just built as a means increasing enrollments, but also providing you with up to 5 additional income streams right to your pocket. So yes getting people on your team to use and duplicate this system is the primary goal. However, you'll be creating some additional income because you shared these tools with your teammates.

Additionally, even if someone says no to your opportunity but still decides to use the system, you'll still be generating that additional income from the tools you promote inside the PEM.

A win-win scenario!

In fact this system is so powerful, the guy who used it ended up making more money per month just by sharing the system than he was making in his networking business.

Because at the end of the day people might be looking for opportunities, but it's just as common that people are looking for solutions and ways to grow their businesses.

You might not end up recruiting 934 people on your team (a choice you decide to make) but you will very much have a system that has the ability to do that and beyond. But it requires some work and some serious implementation to start seeing those results like anything else.

So if you're ready to start exploding your existing networking business then click here to watch this short video on what PEM is, how it works and how you start implementing this exact same system into your business.
This article was published on 14.04.2020 by Kevin Williams
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