Not getting referrals on MLM gateway is your fault. Yes I mean it its your fault

MLM gateway does it really give free network marketing leads?

So you joined MLM gateway so as to grow your network marketing business with the hope of connecting with leads to grow your team. Maybe you are not getting the results that you really wanted even if you joined MLM gateway. Then this will be the best article you will ever read this year. See I have been a member of MLM gateway and have seen great results from this platform. I will break down some of the things you maybe missing out on this platform that will explode your mlm business with ease. Let's jump right into some cool point here. this is my point of view ok. Let's go

1. Don't be too quick your talk about your business

This about this for a second what made the other person to join MLM gateway? the same reason you joined to find leads in the same reason the other person joined too.Though I hardly talk about my primary business to people. At some point end up asking me what I am up to. Then I can tell them about my business.  Almost 90% of people I have met here want to recruit me into their business in the first message they send to me.  Which is really quite boring because it turns out that the person is not interested in building a relationship all they want is just signup. What I have seen working is talking about life in general then business comes later. I mean I talk to a person and they just send a message with their link and you never hear from them again. this why I use a customer relations management tool to remember conversations and do some follow up.

2. Not owning a website

I own a personal blog called which is something that belongs to me outside the company that I am promoting and my online activities. I know one could say but the company provides us with a website, I am not talking about a website that you are given by your company I mean a personal blog that you own. This has made me even a branded email on my profile like This alone has a lot of prospects some way of thinning ah this guy might be serious. Setting p your person website has a lot of benefits which I will not explain here maybe in my other business announcement. To set you a personal blog is simple all you need is a domain name and hosting account. in my case, I have been using ipage for the past 5 years. they have great support too.

3. Not using you real image in your profile in mlm gateway

Well, Personally I find it not inviting chatting or connecting with someone who does not have an image of themselves in their profile. In my opinion I would recommend adding an image of your self close up and a little bit of a smile, just to show that you are a real person.

4. Not commenting on business announcements

This is a great way of connecting with people. Coming up with a write up like this takes time. And it shows a lot of commitment. I also take time to find some great announcements with great value and leave my feedback based on what I have read. This has helped connect with a lot of leaders out there. So better get going with leaving feedback on people announcements. Also writing these announcements will connect you with people. Just yesterday I had a call with someone from Germany who connected with me after reading my article


I could have go on and on but let me end here  and leave some for the next write up. I know I may have left other tips. Do you have any tips or questions please leave a comment below

This article was published on 23.04.2019 by Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma
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Judy Shepherd Thank you for these tips. Very wise!  1 year ago
Bernice Early Thank you so much for your tips! very informative and helpful.  1 year ago
Lovely Naa I really want to connect with you, because I want to learn a lot from you, if you don't mind  1 year ago
Katt Adams Thank slowly learning  1 year ago
DK Gupta Nice article to get great info on personal branding first, it's really nice to read, thank you!  1 year ago
Vidovic Zeljko  1 year ago

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