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Wanna Know the REAL Reason You're Not Enrolling Anyone?

I was ready to scream because I couldn't enroll ANYONE to save my life!

I Was on the Edge and About to Quit

How in the world was nobody interested in my business opportunity? Anyone who can fog up a mirror can easily realize how much a no-brainer this is!

And to add insult to injury, I was doing everything my upline told me to do - work your warm market, Adam! Oh and hey - make sure your blasting this opportunity all over Facebook - and everywhere else you can think of too!

Then I ran into a self-proclaimed online guru who told me I should be calling lead lists - and for just $997 he would show me how.

Yeah - that $997 is gone for good.

Nothing worked and I was doing the best I could. I was following the advice of people who it seemed knew what they were talking about.

So imagine how sick to my stomach I was to discover they were no better off than me? - and their results sucked too?

My Last-Ditch Lifeline

It wasn't until I came across a multiple 8-figure earner's advice letting me know none of that nonsense works!

Not only did he free me from having to do all those time-suck activities, he helped me to realize the importance of FRAMING.

Why isn't anybody joining you?

It's because you have a framing problem. In other words, you're trying to have a conversation about your opportunity when you should be having a conversation that builds credibility.

What would it be like if you quit talking about your opportunity - and position yourself as a resource to help other people accomplish the things that are important to them  - instead?

And I can hear it already, "but Adam, I haven't accomplished anything yet - I'm still trying to get this thing figured out myself!"

And the moment I realized that thought pop up in my mind, was the moment I realized I had to start doing something different to get something different.

Your Lifeline Today

I'd like to be a resource to help you do something different so that you can start enrolling people into your current business.

Let's connect and if it makes sense, I'm happy to schedule a FREE 15 minute strategy session where I would love to hear all about your business.

We'll talk about your dreams, your goals, what you're doing right now that is working and what you're doing right now that isn't working.

And picture what it's like if TOGETHER we can come up with a game plan to point you in the right direction.

So reach out and let's connect.

And if you'd like to get to know me, and gain immediate access to the EXACT training that put me on the right track once and for all, I'd like to invite you to visit my website:

Come visit and let's connect!

You're worth it,


This article was published on 16.07.2021 by Adam Tigges
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