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The 2021 Approach to Getting Free Leads and Enrollments in Your Business

Some of the biggest struggles networkers deal with usually consist of not getting any leads, nobody saying yes to their business opportunity or people joining but not staying for long.

These can all be solved by making this new approach for the year 2021.

It's being a problem solver or an asset for people.

In other words, what can you provide for people OUTSIDE OF A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY that can benefit them in some way?

Having just a business opportunity is simply not enough these days.

But what if you had something else that so many other networkers would want to get their hands on?

What if you got your hands on a system that not only showed you how to get consistent leads with ZERO ad spend, generates commissions for sharing this system with other people, AND increase your likelihood of enrolling prospects in your business?

This is where The Digital Enrollment Machine (DEM) comes into play.

The DEM is a system created by a master networker who was able to scale his business from $19K to multiple six-figures a year when he utilized a system like this.

DEM is a system that solves a lot of the major problems networkers have in terms of growing their business.

Not Getting enough or any leads?

DEM teaches you the EXACT method that the creator used to enroll 934 people into his networking business WITHOUT spending a dime on ads or buying leads.

Too many people saying no to your business?

DEM can change that by first offering people an extremely high value, low cost resource up front that can create momentum for them. 

Then you can actually follow up with your prospects with your business opportunity on the back-end.

This can drastically increase your chances of enrolling people in your business because you were able to offer a solution that people desperately need up front.

And that helps establish YOU as the problem solver that they may want to work with in the future!

Getting enrollments but they're dropping off too quickly?

This can be for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that they may not have a good fit for the business in the first place.

DEM actually acts as a filter that can separate the more qualified leads from the less qualified ones which will allow you to spend more time with more qualified people for your business.

The second reason might be because these people simply don't know what to do or not getting enough support or clarity on what to do next.

When they get their hands on DEM, they (and you as well) get access to a 5 part video series where the creator drops his 10+ years of knowledge on how he built his business plus a step by step process of how to set up and finalize your DEM.

And this will set you up as their advisor and supporter to help them get there.

2021 in a new year and a new way to approach your networking business.

It's time to step into being a problem solver for people in order for people to look at you and take you seriously.

For more details on how the DEM system can create massive momentum in your networking/MLM business,

click here to learn more about DEM.

This article was published on 15.02.2021 by Kevin Williams
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