I Would Love to Evaluate Your Business! Why Would I Not?

I Don't Need to Quit My Company to Benefit from Yours Because I Diversify...

   So many members say they are not interested in looking at other business opportunities.  Why Not?  I AM USING THIS PLATFORM TO MAKE BUSINESS CONNECTIONS.  That doesn't necessarily mean we are going to do business today.  It doesn't mean that we are going to join each others' companies.  Heck!  We may not even accept each others' invitation and that is fine.  

    By me being open-minded to get the facts about other companies it allows me to make a well informed business decision about joining or "Positioning" myself with another company.  Love what you do and keep on doing it but here is why I would encourage you to "Diversify" yourself when it comes to your internet marketing.  Two Words!  "Financial Leverage".   (Free Video Tour >>>)

     Examine this analogy if you would.  When you buy eggs, they are all in one carton.  However; those eggs probably came from different hens.  The farmer can not afford to rely on just one hen to produce the amount of eggs required to solidify their business.  The farmer had to "Diversify" in order to develop "Financial Leverage".  The farmer is in the poultry business but selling eggs is merely one source of income.


     Of course, no one should introduce multiple opportunities to the same person at the same time...that would be foolish and I have been a fool.  Now I have more posture and I understand that everything isn't for everybody.  Learn to "LISTEN" more and know when and what to promote.  You can promote weight-loss and beauty products at the same time or coffee and forex at the same time.  It's not what you say...it's always how you say it.  

     To conclude, if someone is sharing information with you...GET THE INFORMATION!  GET THE FACTS!  We all can profit share with each other without tearing each other to pieces.  You may not like what I promote and that is fine.  We can still be productive and make a little bit of money during the process.  Wealthy people have money coming in from different places.  The difference is, they mostly use physical building but internet entrepreneurs like us use, well, the internet and we do not have massive monthly expenses.

     Remember!  People Make "SYSTEMS" but Systems Make Money

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William "Fired Up" Lykes

This article was published on 12.01.2021 by William Fired Up Lykes
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William Fired Up Lykes Thanks Mark and I wish much success with your business endeavors.  2 months ago
Mark Anthony Spot on post. Thanks for sharing if a offering solves a problem--a solution then yes check it out.   2 months ago

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