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"Digital currency is smart currency, designed to eliminate the middleman from transactions. It eliminates the need for banks, eliminates credit card fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transactions... if you are in business these benefits alone will put more profit in your pocket" ~Tom McMurrain- Founder of DigitalCoin Millionaire

OneCoin is a digital currency education company founded in 2014 as a Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) registered in Gibraltar  by Ruja Ignatova. The company has over 1.9m members as at May 2016. OneCoin offers financial education on the newest hybrid cryptocurrencies available in marketplace. The primary activity of OneCoin Ltd. is sales and distribution of education products (the OneAcademy education package) and enabling its members to mine cryptocurrency


This aspect of onecoin is called buy low and sell high. You simply become a miner into the educational packages of onecoin in order to partake in the mining process of the company This part of onecoin allows you to take advantage of the increase in the exchange rate of coins over time. This is purely passive and has nothing to do with your network system or building. Being passive requires: No Selling, No Referring, No Recruiting, and No Networking

You do not have to do any other thing to EARN – Why? Bitcoin.

In 2009, the price of each Bitcoin was just $0.10 and come 2013, it costs more than $1100 a piece. If you have 1000 Bitcoins as at that time, you could have earned $1.1 Million.

OneCoin is just starting. I cannot stress more that today is the best day to get involve with another successful cryptocurrency in the making. You are at the forefront of something BIG. Time is everything – Take advantage of it!


However, you are paid paid huge residual bonuses on weekly basis if you share oncoin opportunity with people. Bonuses and Rewards in onecoin is another explosive income in the mlm industry. But you need to understand that it is completely optional to build a Network sytem in onecoin. You can choose to stay passive, do nothing and earn from the appreciation of OneCoin value. But if you want to build a simple network system, this is for you to earn till infinity. You will get rewarded in big bonuses.  OneCoin make use of the MLM Business Model to promote the business to the people. The compensation plan is so simple but lousy income, which is more reason why I encouraged good friends to maximize the opportunity of onecoin.

1. Direct Referral Bonus – you will get 10% of all the people you refer regardless of account type. Eg you are a starter of €100 and refer tycoon of €5000 guest what! You are paid €500

2. Network Bonus – Your sales organization is based on two legs.

The leg with the lowest sales volume within a calculation period (one week) 10% of this Business Volume (BV) is paid out weekly. The same amount of Business Volume (BV) will be deducted from your “Greater Network” eg (the leg with the higher Business Volume for the weekly period). Eg your left is 50000bv and right 30000bv in a week 10% of 30000bv is €3000 and 20000bv will be roll over till the subsequent week. If your position maxes out – the BVs on both side are reset to 0.

3. Matching Bonus – You will get a bonus up to 4 Generation with a payout of up to 25%. To qualify for matching bonus you have to have one personal sponsored member on each side – left and right with minimum Trader package status. Tycoon earn matching of 10% 1st gen. 10% 2nd gen. 20% 3rd gen. And 25% 4th gen. Executive earn from 1st to 3rd gen. Protrader earn from 1st to 2nd gen and trader earn only 1st gen. But starter earn nothing on matching bonus

4. Startup Bonus is also paid to you on 10% if your total personal sales volume is above 5500bv in the first 30days of your joining. Eg if at your first 30days you personally sign up 4 tycoons it gives 20000bv and you will be paid 10% which is €2000


You can create a FREE account Today and Upgrade Later Get an access to the back office and decide if you want to continue or not

These are the packages

1.Starter package -140 euro = 1,000 Tokens.

Total Tokens after the split 2.000

2.Trader package – 580 euro = 5,000 Tokens

Total Tokens – 10,000

3.ProTrader package – 1,130 euro = 10,000 Tokens

Total Token – 20,000 tokens

4.Executive Trader package – 3,330 euro = 30,000 Tokens

Totel Token – 60,000 token

5.Tycoon Trader package – 5,530 euro = 60,000 tokens ( direct mining possible)

Total Token after 2 splits 240,000

6.Premium Trader Package – 13,580 euro = 150,000 Tokens

Total Token after 3 splits 1,200,000

7. Infinity trader in now available at 27,530 euro = 300,000 Total Tokens after 4 splits 4,800,000

To ascertain the total volume of your coins after mining, divide your total tokens allocated to you by the current difficulty level as at that time. The current difficulty level is 63. Now let us divide 240,000 tokens of a tycoon package by 63 the total coins will be 3809 coins. To know the worth of your investment as at that time, multiply the coins by the current price. (Now the price is at 6.25 euro. 3809 x 6.25 = 23,806.25 euros). Then, leave such investment for 1 year or 2 years when the price must have appreciated from 50 to 100 euros. Then multiply your coins by the price by that time.

    Wire the money to our company account

Name: One Network Services Ltd.  IBAN   BG68STSA93000021970918, EUR BIC: STSABGSF Bank: DSK BANK  Address: Slavyanska Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

    You can pay via PerfectMoney  OneCoin Perfect Money ID: 3467331

    You can request give code from your  leaders

    Pay via through bitcoin

Watch some of the presentation here

CONTACT FELIX +2349096683295
This article was published on 04.06.2016 by Medayese Felix Jimoh
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