Retire in 5 years with This Amazing Company in PRE LAUNCH

Did you ever think that sometimes you stumble upon an opportunity and your gut is just telling you YES!! Chances are you read my title and you are looking for a change, you are looking for growth, you are looking for financial freedom, and a way out of your normal life. You might be stuck or just looking to find your home with a company that cares about you.  

I was that person. I was stuck. Stuck in life, stuck in my head, stuck with my normal daytime job and was ready for a change. I saw these products and they are life changing. They are helping people and that makes my heart so happy. Helping people is an extreme passion of mine.

Hi my name is Sara, and what I am about to tell you is going to blow your mind. I am with a company called Velovita. They sell brain hacking serums with top of the line ingredients they are all gluten free, dairy free, non gmo, and vegan friendly, and THEY WORK. I have suffered with depression and anxiety my whole entire adult life and these products have helped me with my mindset, ambition, and productivity. I don't get jitters or crashes. There is also a night time serum that has the most sought after ingredient for health and wellness supplements. Nootropics. These night time serums are a game changer they actually make the mind think its exercising while sleeping. I used to stay up late thinking about everything under the sun, now I fall right to sleep in 30 minutes or less. I also have lost 12 pounds in one month while using these. 

So why I am I telling you all about these amazing products? Because these babies are literally flying off the shelves and we haven't even LAUNCHED yet. We as a team did 298k sales just in January alone. Ok Sara, why is that relevant? This is relevant to tell you that its easy to get sales in this company!!! These products are selling's insane in the membrane. 

Ok lets get to the good part, shall we? This company has many options to get paid. It is not your average MLM, folks. Let me tell you this has put a check mark in all my boxes. It has an ecommerce side. This means you do not have to build a team if you chose not to. You can make a full time income on just selling the products alone. If you get 5 customers to sign up you get $100 bonus, 10 you get a $200 bonus...and it just goes up from there.

Now let's get to the other part of the business. If you decided to build an empire like the royalty you are, than you get put on a hybrid unilevel comp plan with weekly cycles. This kind of comp plan is no where else to be found. The hybrid part allows you to recruit TWO people...that's it. You can chose to have more but 2 is all you need to get paid weekly. Then you will build your customer base. The cool thing about this plan is the unilevel part puts you in a in a tree that allows you to get paid based on the volume your whole network makes. So you not only get paid from your downlines but you get paid from your uplines too! On top of that you get check matching bonuses and lifestyle bonuses. It's seriously nothing I have ever seen in a MLM before. You have to at the very least check it out. Then in 5 years and ONE DAY you get a lifestyle matching bonus that pays you everyday for the REST of your life. 

Are you ready to run with us? No experience needed. We have all sorts of training and social media training to set you up.  I would love to work with you, please contact me HERE. And fill out my "Work with Sara" form and I will get in contact with you ASAP. Also in that link you will see my facebook info. Make sure to find me on there so I can add you to our opportunity group so you can do more research.

This article was published on 12.02.2021 by Sara Ratz
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Velovita - Serums for brain fue, 49.99 USD to join

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