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Brand new company. Special offer for MLM leaders.

Every MLM involved person understands how important is to be "the first" when the new project starts. That "top" position could give you a lot of advantages. All the people who will join the project AFTER you will work FOR YOU, doesn't matter if you even don't know them. It's just because of MLM business nature.

And I have a very good news for you! You... yes you... right now have the unique opportunity to join the brand new company that has just been started.

Are you excited? Cool!... So let me say some words about the company, the product, and the business.

The company name is Star Link Trade. It's not the Elon Musk's company, but the company uses Elon Musk's Starlink satellite internet solution and that where the company name came from.

Company earns money by cryptocurrency trading since 2018.

Today it's an international network of more than a hundred professional traders connected via Starlink satellite internet. There also are some other technical and financial advantages explained at the company official site and copany papers.

Now we have launched the investment program. Any person could become investor by bying one of the investment packages. The minimum package is $50 and the maximum is $5000. You can start from minimum package and upgrade it at any time later.

Once the person buys the package he starts receiving daily bonuses (actually ROI – return on investment) up to 2% daily (each package has its own terms). That is actually main company product: ROI. As you can see it's very simple to explain to any person what the company product is and why that person needs to buy it immediately.

And now the MLM part starts.

When the person engaged by you buys the package you get commissions from his investment. 

There are two main network bonuses at the marketing rules: Direct Referral Bonus (from all users engaged directly by you) and the Team Bonus (from all your downline network unlimited by levels). Direct Referral Bonus is 15% and Team Bonus is 10%.

Also we have additional Leadership Bonus for the most active users.

The complete marketing rules are described in details at the company papers that could be download at the company official site.

We have created some promo stuff that could help you to promote that project and to build your business.

Also we are ready to provide weekly webinars and personal Zoom meetings for you and your groups. We could arrange the appointments time and other details in personal communication.

So, don't waste the time, don't loose that chance. Follow the link below, watch the videopresentation and contact us.

We are here to help. Wish you all the best.

This article was published on 25.09.2022 by Alex Roitman
Author's business opportunity:

Star Link Trade Company - investments, 50 USD to join
Company operates at the cryptocurrency trading market, accepts investments from people and shares the profits with them.

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