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Why Influencers Will Dominate in OnPassive


Do you have a big mailing list? Do you have a Rolodex of note? Do you have thousands of social media followers? Do you know people who do? The last question is the most important. It's not who you know that often leads to having a large team, it's who those people you know know. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are sitting on a gold mine that can be activated in just a few months. Follow along as I explain.

To capture the global market in a business niche five conditions must be present:

Ease of Entry





Let’s cover these in reverse order. Logic may lead you to water, but emotion is what causes you to drink. I’m going to give you an oasis full of water from the beginning and then tell you how we got there.


ONPASSIVE is an extreme value. ONPASSIVE will be retentive because every founder is also a customer and a reseller. They will be making a “walk-away” income. Whatever your current yearly income, ONPASSIVE can surpass it in a month once the plan is fully implemented. People will never leave ONPASSIVE and its products, never. Customers will never leave ONPASSIVE because their products and customer service are world-class, top-of-the-line, and because over time the cost of the products becomes lower and lower, eventually reaching zero cost. Then an even better situation develops…customers begin to be paid to use their ONPASSIVE products.

Residual income creation is part of the system that is ONPASSIVE and everyone who is a customer, reseller, and founder gets to be a part of the system automatically. If you are in, you win. Many will enter it as a side gig and ONPASSIVE will eventually become their main gig. Besides the income, the heart of OnPassive will keep many in love with the company, the people, and the process. But that is the topic for another day.


Good news travels fast. With an understanding of the generous retention plan every person and every business in the world will want to share this good news. Friends and family will be contacted by those who know. The family dialogue will be something like this, “Jerry, I found a video conferencing software for online communication that pays me to use it. I can’t believe it, but it’s really true. You should use it, too!” Word of mouth referrals will be widespread.

A corporate CEO will want this for his or her company because the product is less expensive and more reliable. Instead of paying per viewer for a video conference for instance, all costs are low. Whether you have 10, 100, 1000 or 100,000 on a video conference, it is the same price. Everything is built into the monthly subion for all products across the board. No upcharges, no add-ons, no surprises.

How ONPASSIVE is shared will be the key to it’s growth. We will cover that in the stickiness section below. Bur for now, consider this, influencers and KOL’s will be in a prime position to benefit from this sharing mechanism: all automatically, all automated, all virally.


Best of Class Business, Ritz Carlton Service, State of the Art Tech, Top of the Line, Top Shelf, Lexus Class, and Mercedes Quality all refer to status. When one product or service reaches the pinnacle, it is labeled as such. Soon there will be another designation: ONPASSIVE Level. Why? Because there is an ecosystem of online products and services from ONPASSIVE that will surpass what is currently available, all built from the ground up on an artificial intelligence backbone. Communication, education, business and financial platforms that become global leaders immediately after launch speak to the usefulness question. Every person who does any business, communication, learning, teaching, financial transaction, web hosting, internet browsing, or website use will eventually be using ONPASSIVE systems. Not a few, but many. If you are an advertiser, you will use ONPASSIVE. Teachers will teach students on platforms created by ONPASSIVE. OnliNe marketers will have unlimited, targeted, automated, online traffic from ONPASSIVE A.I. technology driving their business. Every business will find a use for ONPASSIVE products daily.

Artificial Intelligence is what sets ONPASSIVE apart from all the rest. There is no other company with this advanced system of integrated products. Most companies cobble together pieces of externally created products and push them out the door to the public. ONPASSIVE has created a unique, unified system that works together. There is automation, systematic done-for-you, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for every product.


Getting eyes on their message is the goal of every business. No eyes, no business, no success, no profits. Once eyes are on the message, then having a sticky message becomes the next task. The message must be read, sink in, and action taken. A complete cycle must occur to make a transaction complete. For most companies, this takes a voluminous amount of effort and manpower. Not for ONPASSIVE. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning take the place of a myriad of human interactions: faster, better, cheaper.

ONPASSIVE will be very sticky because of the viral nature of the product. Anyone who connects to another who is using one of 20-30 ONPASSIVE’s total internet solution platforms and products will be offered a free trial of those products. Free trials of elegant artificial intelligence-driven solutions will be perfect to sample and universally accepted by the general internet-using public and that totals nearly seven billion people. If you want to succeed in the global economy, what better than a globally useful product, available everywhere, in every language, located in the cloud.

Influencers with big lists and many contacts will automatically have a virtual army of potential resellers at their disposal to carry the load, to share a never-ending story of just how good the ONPASSIVE is and why they should be using it.

Ease of Entry

Free is easy. All customers can try the entire line of products for free. Once they like it, they can subscribe for a monthly fee on one of four levels. If purchased separately from multiple other vendors, these products would be very much more expensive than what ONPASSIVE’s monthly fee is. Every customer will love their products because of their usefulness and ease of use, not to mention the low initial monthly fee. Every customer will love their product once they find out they get a continually reducing cost and eventually a profit from using the product.

How easy is this for potential customers to acquire? Well, as easy as catching a virus. ONPASSIVE will offer through a series of viral marketing campaigns to each and every contact in your email list, Rolodex, social media platform connection, and phone list a FREE TRIAL OFFER. You don’t have to do anything to market to your list. ONPASSIVE will do it all for you, every day, 24/7/365. It’s all automated: the connection, the information sharing, the follow-up, and the signup. Customers have a choice to become resellers and this is the key to all their income generation. The mere click of a button makes a customer a reseller. No work, but lots of rewards.

But, let us go to the next step: GoFounders, those of us on the tip of the spear that is ONPASSIVE. We are the advance guard, the early adopters, the beta testers in some cases that make a business out of sharing about ONPASSIVE. For being a visionary for following a visionary, Ash Mufareh, we take a place ahead of the entire planet of future customers to benefit from the growth of ONPASSIVE. Everyone who comes in after the launch will be placed in the financial matrix below all founders. Apple and Steve Jobs had an inner circle; Sam Walton had his entire family onboard before the public could buy stock. With ONPASSIVE, a select number of founders, called GoFounders, will be reaping similar rewards as the advanced team. You can become one now until ONPASSIVE launches. The ease of entry is limited in time. Once the launch occurs, there will be no more $97 founder positions.

The question is, are you willing to bet on this being real, being possible, and having it change your life? I have seen the inside, talked to the CEO, the leadership group, and seen the product plans. ONPASSIVE is the real deal. If you think it could happen for you, join us today before the price increase and before the deadline closes it altogether. Here’s how you join:

Get with the person who shared this with you. We are all fair and help one another in ONPASSIVE and GoFounders. But, if you heard about this from me, well, there is a link here to join THE ONPASSIVE team:

We are the dynasty builders. We are here to help you create your generational wealth vehicle.

We are in it, as Ash Mufareh states, to win it.

Your Partner for Success,

Saviour Ellul – Team Leader

This article was published on 25.03.2021 by Saviour Ellul
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