Supporting Other Networkers

Networking marketing is a unique profession and a very misunderstood profession.  I'd like to see the general public have a better understanding and a better attitude toward network marketing as a whole.

I've researched it and I do understand how it works.  The general idea is that you try the products from a given company or a few companies, and if you like them then you keep using them.  That's a good starting point for any product.

The person who introduced you to these products will get a commission each time you buy through them.  There is nothing wrong with that.  We tend to do business with people that we know, like, and trust.  We go to the same brick and mortar businesses the same way when we like the owners and how they treat us when we go inside.

So, it stands to reason that the basic premise with network marketing is that  you shop online, which provides convenience.  You help the friend who introduced you to the products, which is a win-win for you and them.  If you end up not liking the products or the price, you don't have to keep buying.  Hopefully your friendship will not be affected in that case.  We all know it shouldn't be.

But, what if you really like the products?  Then you and your friend have something new that you have more in common with.  

I have found that even if the products are somewhat higher, the value you get from these products makes it worth the price.  There are alot of variables in that, of course, but I think as a whole network marketing products are researched and overall provide more value than other products.

The idea of buying online and having these products shipped to you means you add in a convenience factor.  You aren't driving all over town to buy what you need so you aren't putting unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, and you can use the time savings to do other things.  Time is the most precious commodity we have.  They aren't making more time anywhere that I know of.

If you are in a network marketing company already, then my hat's off to you because you did some research and saw the value in the profession.  It is a profession.  We have to learn skills in order to succeed.  We can't be successful without the people skills, so it is a profession.  

You can be in a given network marketing company and still be a customer in other network marketing companies.  I follow this line of thinking and I was taught this by Ray Higdon.  Network marketing is a great profession and part of why it's great is because of the commissions they pay out to their distributors and referral partners.

Network marketing companies work from the idea that word of mouth is the most solid form of advertising there is.  They don't pay millions for advertising.  They put their advertising budget into their distributors pockets, depending on the efforts of their distributors.  

So, when you are a customer of a network marketing company, you support the person who introduced you to the products, you get value from the products, and you support the network marketing profession as a whole.

We all should support the things we believe in.  I won't go into all the things I try to support financially in this post, but I try to put my money where my mouth is as best I can.  If you don't invest your time and/or money into something, you likely don't believe in it very much.  Our time and money are important to us all.

So, as we learn and develop relationships with people, we may not join their company but we can most likely find a product or two that they promote that will work for us.  Supporting others in this way, when possible, is a good thing and promotes alot of positive things in life.  

I like to promote positive stuff as much as possible.  There are enough negative things that are on our minds.  Let's try to put more positive stuff in our minds.  Supporting others is a good way to do that.

Enjoy your day

Scott Moore

This article was published on 30.07.2018 by Scott Moore
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