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Beware The Blind Goo-rue Giving Advice

Hey again everybody. 

It is cold and windy in Dell, Utah, so I'm once again inside the warmth and comfort of the mobile command center. I chose this funky background because, oh, the feedback! 

The feedback I heard over the internet and around the world because of my statement that said being is business is about making money and if you want to get a friend, buy a dog. 

I love... I love the people who just don't get it. No context, no connection to what actually goes on in the real world. Just the crap that they've heard mostly from Internet wannabe goo-rues who want to repeat all of the same stuff. It’s so easy to say this stuff, I guess, when you're not making any money or if you don't expect to make any money. 

But it's mind boggling to me that people listen to it.

And I believe that the problem is people go through their whole lives, they learn stuff, they do stuff, and they make it work. 

But all of a sudden when they get into the whole making money online and being in business, they hear you've got to have a coach, you've got to get a mentor, and they will tell you what to do. And they find these people and they blindly follow the bullshit that they tell them. They don't know any better. 

But in the back, at first, they're thinking, “Well, I know what I'm doing." And they try some stuff and they're working on it. And then someone says, “No, you got to do this and you got to get a mentor.” 

And all they think for themselves goes right out the freaking window. 

They end up following people who don't know what they're doing. They call it the blind leading, the blind, leading the blind. Where these cliches and untested, unproven marketing methods are put out and people just follow them.

And it's worse than that even because everyone wants to know what works right now. And everybody, everybody and their brother will tell you, oh, you gotta do video. I'm doing video. Cause I like it. People tell me that I'm good at it. You might think I suck. But I'm sure there's, there's people all over the spectrum and it's okay, I do it because it's something I want to do. 

But let's say you're a writer, you write. I write and someone says, “Oh no, you've got to do video. Don't write. Nobody reads your blog posts and this and that.” 

Um, no, not true. 

People still read stuff. Whenever people stop reading, that's when writing stuff down won't work. And by the way, if you're going to do a video, don't you have to have an idea of what you're going to say? You might want to write that down on paper.

And if you write a blog post that's really killer or an article or something and you get that idea in your head, and then you turn on the camera and you start talking about that idea. You don't have to read it but you're just talking about the same thing. 

It's all the same. You can do it on a podcast, you could do it on a video, you can do it in writing. 

What's working now is one of the best ways to get the people who are there. They're junkies for making money stuff and I think it might be a phase that everybody goes through. I know I certainly went through a phase much like it where I was buying everything, trying to learn everything, and as I went along I discovered the truth. Which is - it's you that's going to make things work, and it doesn't matter what media you use to make it work. 

Because there are movie stars, there are TV stars, there are people that are stars on Broadway.

There's Taylor swift and Madonna and Brittany Spears. They all sing and there's other bands like Iron Maiden and Dokken and all those guys. They do different things. They use their particular talents in the media of their choice to get their message across to a huge number of people. 

And imagine if someone told Taylor Swift, “Singing doesn't work anymore, Taylor, now you've got to make movies." Actually she's been in a movie. She was in the The Giver if I remember correctly. 

But the point is you've got to do this stuff, and you're doing it to make money, and it doesn't matter what anyone says about what works and what doesn't work. 

What matters is... you take in your unique gifts, your personality, your style, and put it into what you are doing. Then you provide that to other people. And there are enough people out there who will buy your stuff. 

That will make a difference... a huge difference in your life, because you're making a difference in theirs.

Keep that in mind. 

Don't just blindly follow whatever's out there. And whatever you do, do it at a profit.

What’s that?

You’re doing it every day, but still not making a profit?

Let me show you what’s missing in your marketing.

Slide on over here and check it out

That's what I got for today. I'll talk to you tomorrow. 

I'm out.

This article was published on 19.08.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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