Why I am not in the USA anymore, and why I am not selling products to friends.

Products have their appeal to many, and to me they are usually an easy thing to put in front of someone.  They can hold it, open it, use it.  However, physical products have their issues.  Shipping, storage, handling, moving, sorting, carrying, etc.. all the annoying aspects of dealing with a physical product eventually turned me off of it.

Services were also more difficult to "sell" or "promote."  Since they can't see the quality, and they haven't seen nor heard about the service.   In general, I think, physical products are easier to try out for the customer, and consumable products are the best for income.  But they lost their appeal when I moved to another country, Australia.  I couldn't drop off products to dear old Mrs. Wilson who doesn't like the post man, and wants personal delivery.   On a good note, no more product demonstrations, no more product failures, or mishaps.

So why leave the USA ?  and why stop physical products?   Because I can grab my LAPTOP and move any where. and provide information via e-mails, and my job is so much easier by not having to deal with physical products anymore, nor the backwards US government about financial services.  I have been a Foreign Exchange Currency Trader since 2006.  And in 2010 the US government thought it was a good idea to cut my trading income in half, and make it almost impossible to trade from the USA.  Hence my company cannot sign up USA residents, it's because of the CFTC who are trying to "nanny state" retail traders.  Much to the delight of wall street professional traders who can still do what they want and hence have an advantage.  This is probably something that most people don't understand or realize it actually happening, however I had to get out.

So Australia became a very convenient place to move, and being in the Commonwealth, there is the UK, Canada, and Australia, which all speak English, and all have the great convenience of not being the USA. Also there are many other cool countries in the Commonwealth.

Selling to my friends has never been easy, since I have been in some form of network marketing for decades. MLM's have had generally a bad name, and once my friends worked out it's an MLM, I get the old, "really?, you make a living from that ???"  And of course, I have shown them my bank account at various stages to prove it's possible, but I have had difficulty finding key people to grow the business with me.   It's all about volume, and all about growth, and 1/3 of the downline can be leaving, so filling the group up faster than it can leak out is the key to massive income and massive growth.  Talk to any top of the pile, MLM high level player, and they will likely admit building a downline fast, is much easier than building it slow.

So it with great pleasure that I can announce that I am not living in the USA, and I am not selling physical products, and I am not selling to my friends at all.   I simply tell people I can show them how I make at least 3% a month on my capital, and that I have been a trader since 2006, and now the industry, and know the right players, and know fund managers that are excellent at what they do to provide excellent returns in this industry.  So the sell is not that difficult to people I meet.   Now since I have proven it's been working for over 4 years, I am looking to promote it to any marketers outside the USA, and someone who would like to talk about great returns.  There are some legal restrictions to not be a "financial advisor" and they are pretty strict, so I  cannot make an income claim, and the wording is specific to stay legal, however I have had the same restrictions on every MLM or Network Marketing Company I have signed up and belong to;  basically, you can't promise what will happen in the future.  My personal site - www.wargrev.com

This article was published on 25.08.2019 by Warwick Greville
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