How to attract maximum customers by Hotel Sales for Hire?

Whether it is a big or a small hotel, the main interest of the marketing team to keep all the rooms occupied, the revenue keeps flowing when the rooms are full all year round. There is an off-season period for every region, and it reflects on the occupancy of the hotel. Each hotel has to follow different sales strategies to get more customers. The sales manager has to monitor everyone in the hotel to retain and bring in customers. Each staff needs putting their effort into hotel sales for hire to attract customers. From the receptionist at the front desk to the room service person, all have to be friendly towards guests.

The advertisement for the hotel would be given from different angles to attract customers. The photos would be taken from all the sides to impress them. In high-end magazines, there would be some business suites and meeting rooms advertised. Club-level rooms would be announced in the financial magazine to bring in the business executives. Tourism guides would have the standard rooms fitting for the budget travelers and family vacations. All level rooms would get occupied as the advertisements reach a broad audience.  

Travel Agents Bring In More Customers 

Travel agents would always be a mediator between the customers and hotels. These mediators are always associated with the sales strategy. Travel agencies help in advertising about the hotel through brochures at a very less cost. National travel agencies distribute promotional fliers, create annual brochures and commercials on T.V. and radio. They feature the property in their key destinations to attract the customers. Hotels get a lot of exposure through such advertisements and reach a broad audience. The hotel pays some incentives to the agents and the travel companies to get more reservations.

Hotels have many branches in different key cities. Hotel sales for hire offer membership programs to frequent customers. This membership has many offers, like extra amenities, free nights, and upgrades. Loyal customers receive a lot of suggestions for their frequent stay in the hotel. Once the customer gets perks or offers in the hotel, they tend to stay while they travel.  

Direct Booking Avoids Commission 

Direct booking is always beneficial to hotels. There are no middlemen to take commission here. Thus online or smartphone bookings are always helpful and have special rates. Online bookings help the reception is in saving time as they need not converse and collect the customer data personally. Tech-savvy people find it easier to book online. The hotel gets loyal customers by starting with online discounts. The hotel can be reached through a smartphone from anywhere and thus help in room booking. Only an internet connection is required for achieving the hotel online.

There are places where the hotels go empty in some season. Though the rooms are full during the peak period, the hotel finds it tough to find customers during the off-season. Special low rates are promoted during the low-season to attract more customers. The prices may be very less comparatively, but it is better than the empty rooms. There are many other charges with which the hotel can recover like the internet charges, room service meals, tours, parking, and room services.  

Movies, pop-culture, popular events are sometimes used to give promotion to the hotel. Some celebrities say at a hotel and provide some photos or videos for the hotel to use it for advertising. Combining the tourist attraction of a region with the hotel would give a lot of value to the packages offered. Some local attraction offers like tickets to the theme parks, museums, and zoos would add to the charm. Customers interested in shopping, fine dining, and adventure would be attracted.

Online Booking Gives More Discounts

Savvy travelers aim to get maximum discounts in their packages. The total premium and the additional package will attract them to stay loyal in the hotel. Many other services like the dry clean service and transport service would invite them. Additional attractions like a spa treatment and garden bar would give more entertainment.

Kids have to be given special care as parents look for activities that keep the kids busy. Some pet-lovers also like to have pets with them. If a particular place is given for the pets, it will not disturb the other guests, and the pet owners would be happy. Personalized packages to the disabled would provide them with a privilege.  

Promotions should be active on Social Medias to target the correct audience. The attractions in and around the hotel should be advertised clearly. Features, amenities, and services have to be mentioned by Hotel sales for hire.

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This article was published on 21.01.2020 by Keith Ronning
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