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Earn With Social Trading

Zulutrade is an original and regulated trading platform since 2008 allowing registrants to follow the operations of signal providers. We call this Social Trading.


Concretely, how is it

Once registered, you select one or more signal providers and you configure them according to your criteria. From there, as soon as the signal provider starts a "trade", it will also start in your account, likewise, when the signal provider closes his trade, it will also close on your account.

You don't have to be in front of your screen during operations, everything is done automatically.

You can still hold your hand if you want to close a position before the provider closes it.

In short, you become a follower!

My advice
Excellent trading site but you have to pay attention to a few points not to lose money instead of earning it !!! (still the goal). The following points come from personal experience:

1) Be careful not to exceed the marginCall O'meter by more than 70% - IMPORTANT! (the ideal would be to stay below 35% to limit the risk of losses)

2) when looking for your traders, make sure that the trader is active on a real account (there are very few), that he is active for more than 2 months, that the DrawDown is not exaggerated (otherwise you will burn out) your account), activated the zuluguard but deactivated the option to replace with a corresponding trader, look at the open positions (if there are losers who have more than 2 days, forget now)

3) Diversify the traders in your list

4) block the value of the lots per trader, that they cannot be redone with a lot doubling martingual, you will then have the surprise of a very fast MarginCall

5) As soon as you have a MargingCall alert by email, go to the account and close the losing trades.

At least you can use Combo's Tools to help to select stable traders quickly !

By respecting these few rules, yes you can win in Forex with Zulutrade, do not forget that if a trader starts to lose, put it on hold while waiting for it to rise again. 

This article was published on 24.06.2021 by Fabrice Lebeau
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