2 Emerging Technologies Merge- What an opportunity

Are you aware that in 2002 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a magazine titled The 10 Emerging Technologies that WILL Change the World? Doesn't that sound like a marketers dream come true? To be warned before hand  of potential marketing opportunities?

As of today, March 4th 2019, 2 of those 10 have come together in 1 incredible product.

The 2 of which I speak are Glycomics, the study of the VITAL sugars and Nanotechnology.

So what is Glycomics? Every cell of the human body must be structured with glycoforms to function properly. Acemannan from mother's breast milk or from the Aloe Vera plant are the 2 most prevalent places to find it. Supporting the body with Acemannan allows the Immune system to operate as designed thus keeping chronic health challenges at bay.

As for Nanotechnology it is the study and application of extremely small things.

So what brought these 2 together? Hemp oil. That's right Hemp oil. Evolv Health wanted to combine the Acemannan product they own, which is 5 times more potent than any other Aloe acemannan product on the market, with the Hemp oil but the problem was that the Acemannan is water soluble and the Hemp is an oil. Oil and water don't mix. Because the Hemp oil is such large globules it cannot be absorbed by the body very well giving most CBD products on the market a 5-10% absorption rate.

A lab that specializes in nanotechnology explained that they could blast the oil molecules clusters to 1/100th their original size thus making it more bio-available. How much so? Would an absorption rate of 50% impress you? And what happened when the Acemannan was added? The absorption rate rose to 90%. It doesn't matter that you have good ingredients if they can't be absorbed. With the blend of Terpenes and the added Acemannan doctors around the world are already begging for this water compatible product. The body thirsts for water so. Evolv Healths Entourage2 Hemp oil product truly delivers.

How impressed are those in the industry? April 24th-25th 2019, in Leon Mexico, there will be the 1st International Cannabis Conference hosted by the former President of Mexico, President Fox, and invited to as a featured speaker on the Innovative Technology of Cannabis is the President/CEO of Evolv Health of the development and efficacy of Entourage2.  

How would that be to be marketing the product highlighted at the very first International Cannabis Conference and being recognized by leaders in the industry from around the world?

And as always for every bottle sold a months supply of product goes to orphanages around the world where children are recovering from even extreme issues such as cancer, cycle cell anemia, and aides.

I welcome you to visit https://betterthanever.myevolv.com to grab a position on our team and together we can change the world.
This article was published on 05.03.2019 by Doug Dye
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