Getting Targeted Traffic The Easy Way

Through the past few years, I have played with, and tried different platforms to test out how good the traffic, offers, etc is.

Usually, with traffic, you can find several traffic exchange websites, that all promise to give you lots of traffic.

But, here is truth, and what you really get.

You do indeed get traffic. But if you want to know how much, or how many eyes look upon it, just see how many members the site has. The traffic isn't very targeted. Everyone is trying to get people to signup to their offers, and you are doing the same. What it leads to is, a bunch of the same people looking over and over at an offer you have that they are not interested in. Basically leaving you with lots of time wasted.


Now, the way traffic exchanges have always been, is still the case. Until one person, built a website that is a traffic exchange, as only a feature of the site.

What this means, is the site is free like the others, and offers a paid subscription as well.

Now, for free members, you surf other people's sites, and you can either use those credits to get hits to yours, or sell them back to the site. yea, you can make a little spare money instead.

Or for Pro-members or paid members, you don't need to surf. So if you do, you can always sell them back and get paid on the twice as well. Everything is doubled when you make money here if you're a paid member.


The members are compensated with credits and money to load a widget to their personal site.

This widget is placed all over the internet, and your ad is on it. Giving you a HUGE REACH to people who are not members of the website.

Of course members place it out on their blogs and such, because they get paid. Meaning good news for you since you don't have to pay them.

Plus, the website will give you a tracker so you know what people are doing when they visit your site.

Are they even reading your blog? Are they clicking on certain products?

Imagine the power when you know who keeps looking at a certain product. You would know to privately promote that product to that one person.


If you have no source to gather leads, then you will like this site to.

You are given scripts and offers to give away for leads, and you even get a powerful pop-up ad to place on your blog.

Pop-up ads equal about 80% of all my leads, and other top internet marketers. So like it or not, you need a pop-up anyway.


Pro-members on the site have even more advantages. 

This website will build you a downline, even if you are unable to recruit yourself. 

This is great to build relationships, earn extra commissions, and even build a downline in your MLM Company.

Plus, you participate in daily shares, meaning you are paid everyday you work on the site. And weekly shares where you are paid for using the widget that promotes the other members.


Since this business announcement allows HTML, I am going to attempt to place the widget in it. This is the same widget you will get if you become a member

Feel free to click on a few ads and see what it does if it appears below:

Hope it did, it is my first attempt!


If you want to become part of this amazing little tool and website, simply USE THE LINK HERE to access the website and join.

Once you join, you are best off becoming a paid member. It will drive your daily,weekly, affiliate and all your earnings up double the amount of a free member.

Free membership is welcome very much, and has great benefits as well. But paid memberships will become profitable in just a few months and costs less than most tools each month they offer.

HAVE FUN BY CLICKING HERE and look forward to working with you soon on the platform!

This article was published on 16.04.2016 by Jaye Carden
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