How to collect business leads with ease!

For many of us network marketers, the discovery of how you can build your business completely online is refreshing. Let's face it your business opportunity isn't for everyone, some may say yes, but most are going to say no! And facing rejection, especially when its often from family, friends and work colleagues is tough. 

And it gets harder still, when you finally get that yes, you know your brand new recruit is going to face the same. The hard and sad fact about network marketing is that most people will say no, and of the few that say yes, most will fail and fall away within 3-6 months. 


So is network marketing worth it? Does it actually work? Well in truth, yes it's definitely worth it, but it's also true that unless you find away of building your business without having to prospect everyone with a pulse, you will soon fail, and if you don't, your new recruits certainly will. I know I have been there several times!  

But thankfully I spent some time learning the art of online mlm recruiting methods, I have read the attraction marketing formula and have learnt the power of capturing leads, staying in contact through an email list and then allowing the prospect to self invite themselves into your business when the time is right. 

This all sounds wonderful except from one issue, it all sounds very technical! That's where Prosperity Central comes in, they have done the hard work for you, they have even written the emails for you, so all you have to do is plug and play. 

You can choose a lead capture page (or create your own), then your prospect is lead through to a bridge website that fills them in on the basics and passes them across to your business website. But the magic happens after, you see your prospect is likely to take a quick look, click off of you website and then in the busyness of day completely forget about the business. 

This is where your email campaign comes in to play, gently reminding your prospect of the business until eventually they decide to act. (On average it takes 7 exposures for a prospect to act) 

The system is so easy to set up and you get a 30 day trial completely free! 

Why not check out my use of there system at

This article was published on 13.02.2020 by Tom Baker
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