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Thoseilove - Unique, very lucrative compensation structure! All members get paid - A revolutionary, highly desired product with an unlimited consumer demand and substantial income potential.

Thoseilove is a remarkable web-based service that allows Members to privately and securely store meaningful letters, cherished photos, videos, passwords, and financial/insurance information in dedicated capsules to the ones they love.

Because a product like this is long overdue, and its potential audience is vast (appealing to anyone who is a parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling, friend), the network marketing potential for independent representatives is unlimited.

Multiple business owners representing various direct marketing companies saw the potential of; they actually approached us to ask that we allow them to introduce Thoseilove to the world through a proven model.  Like, direct marketing is about relationships.  It became a no-brainer. But unlike most direct marketing companies, we didn’t want to adopt a structure that could be confusing. This is anything but.

• Immense Consumer Prospect Base

• No Inventory Purchase

• Single Product - Little Training

• Immediate and Unlimited Income

• Lucrative but Simple Commission Structure

• Lets You Change Lives; Especially Your Own

And to make joining appealing for everyone and much easier to introduce, all Memberships come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions.

Compensation Structure

We have taken a very unique approach to the commission structure. Traditionally, direct marketing matrix maps have been complicated and very difficult to understand. Commission rates scaled up and down based on certain criteria and level achievement. Here’s your commission structure for $10 per year per Member through six lines of IBOs into perpetuity.  $10 commission per year doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? Consider this: You’re earning $10 commission on every Membership sold through every one of your IBO teams through six tiers! 

If you have 20 members, and they have 20 members, and they have 20 members... down 6 tiers, the math adds up very quickly! 20ppl x 20ppl x 20ppl x 20ppl x 20ppl x $10.00 = (try that in your caluculator!) But members can have as many or as few members under them as they want.  

Unlike many other opportunities, is a single product. This means a simple proposition that doesn’t require extensive training in multiple lines, or expertise in a particular segment.

As you do with each of your new Members, you will receive a $10 commission on all new Members produced by everyone within your IBO team. This includes all commissions on subsequent referral Memberships as well.  You will also receive $10 commission on all Memberships and subsequent Memberships that your IBO teams produce. In fact, you will be compensated on all Memberships sold through each of the six full tiers in your down-line! And since all memberships are recurring, your income becomes an annuity. That’s about as straightforward and rewarding as you can get.

The best part of this simplified structure? Your commissions are annuities. That’s right. You'll continue to receive full commissions for your members, as well as members across all six tiers in your down-line, year after year - as long as Members remain. Your upfront efforts will continue paying you year after year after year. The more you support your team, the larger your team becomes, the greater your Membership base, the faster your base will grow. And grow it will...

Welcome to Thoseilove! For questions, please email

This article was published on 05.12.2015 by Cheryl Lee
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