Why This Noise About SFI? WHY? WHY?WHY?

I know that many articles have been written about SFI, here on MLM Gateway. From my observation, over a long time, this company consistently comes up. But can we say that all the people promoting SFI are blind? I would not like to think so. 

There is a very big reason for advertising and focusing on SFI. For example, this is one of the long-established affiliate marketing company you can think of. Most companies came after it. Surprisingly enough, many people who are part of the SFI community have gone up to form their promotional websites and affiliate companies. This shows the depth of knowledge that SFI dishes to its partners or affiliates.

Let me start off by looking in brief at its history. SFI was formed in 1998. Those who have good memories will conclude that by 1998, there were very few affiliate marketing companies. In addition, most of us by then never knew about affiliate marketing businesses.

From that time, 1998, SFI has been operational and has evolved in many ways. And what can you conclude, if you are reasonable enough, as you really are. You can conclude that if you want to be successful online and you are currently struggling, then you have to join SFI business now and not tomorrow. I mean if you are truly serious about making money and you are truly rational.

Do you know the reason why some people fail online and end up giving up? They stick to new and unapproved businesses. They work day and night and go for five to six months without getting any penny. At last, such people give up.

From this, you can tell the reason for their failure. It is INERTIA. They are not willing to try other better opportunities. You tell someone to join SFI and he/she says, “No Thanks. I have a company I am with?” But really, is being with an unpaying company, something to boost about.

Let me go back to what I was talking about, the history of SFI. The current statistics tell you about its success. It has more than 100 000 products. If you are involved in selling such a huge array of products, you think you will fail to get $300 per month.

Another point is SFI exists in more than 200 countries. And it can operate in any country of the world. Can this tell you something? Yes, it does. You can do this business anywhere. You can recruit people from any country and you can sell the products to people from any country. Of you are a writer or an influencer, in SFI you have a gold field.

The payment method is quite good as well. You can get paid through VISA card, Master Card and Payoneer card. Looking at this means you have something to be proud of? In which country do you not find VISA or MasterCard? Not at all.

What is the Compensation system?

This is the killer point. The compensation system is appealing to anyone. You earn in a number of ways which I will describe below.

Direct commissions

You get 50% of the amount which your direct referral has used to purchase a product or service. In other words, you are sharing 50.50 with the seller of the product. If you refer only 3 active people, you earn a monthly income for life. My question is: If you really get focused, you think you cannot get three people to join? The verdict is yours.

For their purchases, you earn 100% of the Versa Points. You may not understand this system. Every product on sale is allocated some versa points. So, if your referral buys a product you get the same versa points as him/her.

What is the importance of the VERSA Points? You can convert these versa points into cash at any time. The Versa points, popularly called VP, become your shares in the company. You get a reward of the group pool bonus depending on the shares you have. The more shares you have, the greater the bonus cake you get.

You also get some Rewardicals if your referral purchases a product. You can convert the Rewardicals into cash as well. You can convert them into bitcoins and ethereum.

This is a glimpse of what SFI offers you. If you join today, within a month you can be earning your cash. The best news is that it is free to join. You start earning without paying a penny.

For greater details read this article. At the end of this article you will find my contact details.


Join now: MYSFI

This article was published on 10.11.2020 by Mashell Chapeyama
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