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SEACRET- Minerals from the Dead Sea

Seacret has been around since 2005 and made a billion dollars through retailing in over 900 mall kiosks. Spurred with that success the CEO Izha Ben Shabat took advice from the esteemed investor Warren Buffet to change marketing strategy too network marketing. Now the company has achieved 3 billion in sales since 2011 and is a 200 million dollar debt free company. We are the only network marketing company that Loreal tried to buy thrice and failed and we are the only company Loreal manufactures products for. Hence our products are top quality and more importantly made from minerals from the dead sea. To top it of we offer services in Travel, combined we are involved in an industry worth more than $9 trillion dollars a year, personal care, nutrition and travel.

Our personal care range offers immediate results thanks to the minerals from the dead sea, our nutrition range is GMO free, gluten free, soy free, plant based and kosher certified and most importantly Active sports certified. Travel services include World class online booking portal, air , hotel, wine club, dining and more. Curated adventures, self improvement coaching and curriculum, added value from affiliate companies , connecting with like minded people...etc.

As an agent one will have an online-shop to work with and easily an international business as you can enroll agents and customers can buy through your link literally form any corner of the world and delivery again in every corner of the world.

This opportunity offers immense personal development, immense financial return when you successfully grow your team that duplicates the easy duplicatable system. Coupled with products that literally sell themselves as they have immediate results which a person can see and feel during a sit down demonstration or what we love to call them as wow parties.

As a company that fully utilizes technology in this global village we use recorded videos and live zoom calls for training and presentations, an example is this video presented by Jefferson Santos that explains the business and part of the compensation plan and some of our products,

The company recently launched in 40 countries in Africa , Europe and Asia, ushering in a whole new market ready for the best being offered in the business. Make the move to Seacret be it as an agent or a customer and you will love spreading this Seacret to anyone you know. If you are not happy with our products we will reimburse you. If you can find a holiday destination that is cheaper than what you can find on our portal we will reimburse you the difference 1000% on top.

This article was published on 24.06.2021 by Darlington Chinyadza
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Seacret Direct - Skin care, Nutrition, 350 USD to join

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