Family Wealth Education.

The opportunity that is changing lives.

Many don't believe this, we were all taught to go to school, get a job and work our way up the corporate ladder. So when it comes to an opportunity that is put right in front of us most of the time we start thinking it's a scam, the skepticism gets in front of our thought process. I and many others have been in the same situation, to come to find out there is opportunity out there. In a growing company and groups the possibilities are endless!

Making The Choice In Real Estate Investing.

I have met a lot of people that do not open their eyes when they go outside to look around. What is it that most people see as long as we're on this earth, exactly we see earth, land! The prosperity that is provided right in front of us. When I was a kid I always wanted to learn how people work in this field. For the fact that I grew up in the city area of Salt Lake City Utah and down the street there was a Ferrari dealership. All I had was micro machines of these cars that looked really cool. You see them in movies, but when you check on the price they are really expensive.

High school promises.

At the age of 17 years old I was still in high school, many of my friends were out there having kids already working jobs they did not like but they had to do it for their family that they started to grow. I kept this to myself for the longest time, What everyone was having I knew I was not ready for that. They “high school teachers and counselors” told me since my dad was a veteran I have a very good chance of getting grants for college tuition. That was exciting but far from the truth.

Fast Forward.After high school being stuck in the corporate world, having job after job of these jobs were temp to hire and of course I've got the jobs. Talking to other employees about the degrees they have I would ask why are you not working in that field even though this company provides that position. After so long I come to find out it's not what you know it’s who you know. I got to a point where I had to use a corporate job as a stepping stone and finally invest in myself.

Remembering the moment.After reading these books that entrepreneurs have written, other books written by millionaires my mind started to transform. Attending seminar after seminar was starting to have a toll on me, I remember the seminar I went to. They were charging $10,000 one course and offering about 10 courses from what I can remember. That took me back to a time when I attended this seminar a year prior, the mind was still skeptical right away. I started thinking they just want to take my money.

When You Know It’s A Solid Wealth School.

Learning the way the wealthy do it! After doing diligence on this wealthy school comes to find out it's solid legit and growing like wildfire. The old mindset was still intact, and I was not sure how people could afford a school like this. Doing the math on what it cost to get a masters degree was far more expensive than the school. Most people use student loans to get their education, most turn into employees to pay off their debt they owe.

Right off the back, this school taught me something that banks do not want people to know. The reason why is because banks lose out on money when people apply this knowledge. The gurus who were speaking at these prior seminars would never mention this. This school is taught by real life practitioners/attorneys, and when they update the courses it gets even better.Most gurus will run a seminar, sell you something and then disappear. Not in the school online groups in person meetings, not at the moment because of the pandemic but soon hopefully. 

How this benefits the world.

Home owners or soon to be homeowners, get into a house and are put on a 30 year mortgage. There is a course that will teach you how to Pay that 30 year mortgage off in 7 to 10 years without double payments. IMAGINE THAT With a special banking strategy. How to fix your credit and use credit the right way. Multiple real estate investing strategies. Including how you can get better tax benefits. And more! There are five pillars. Education, banking, taxes, business, and real estate. Learning these courses and then combining everything together transforms yourself into your own asset and it doesn't matter if the market is as high or if it's taking a crash!

This article was published on 22.03.2021 by Leonard Sotelo
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