Igniter100 is a Fintech and disruptive technology company that co-own over 60 companies and having sole ownership of over 15 companies put together. The sole aim of these companies is to control the fintech and technological based business in the shortest possible time with the intentions of increasing the tallies of such companies owned to 100, hence the name:  Igniter100. We are legally registered in UK with our head office in London.

These companies are co-owned by Igniter 100:   Fingopay,  Quered, Glint,  Vultus, Equator, Yodomo, Carbonblack, VITL, BABB, PICFAIR, Genomes, Propifi, ISO SPACES, Plum, Emoov,  Daisy Green, Polysolar, Finanbest, HARTS GROUP, CELO, FEEDR , Mappix, just to mention but a few. Besides these, Igniter100 also completely own the following projects and companies: PRACTICE PA, YEAHSOL, KRYPTOCHANGE, YOURENT, CRYPTOSHOP, and VIDEOBOX. Other projects are:  IGNITERPAY, IGNITER INDEX, IGNITER MTF, DLT INSURANCE, DLT ESCROW PAYMENT, DLT AUCTION, DLT LOTTERY, and MCM. Indeed on investigative analysis and due diligence, one will be definitely shocked by the technology, innovation and expertise behind these companies. It is next to none. Better still, Igniter100 will be quoted in London stock exchange by 2020.

Many missed the opportunities of investment in the early days of Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and their likes. No worries, you cannot bring back the hands of time. Those had come and gone. Igniter100 is another unicorn in the making and may surpass the already recorded feat of those blue-chip companies already mentioned.

Igniter100 presents a robust and incentive laden marketing approach that has an mlm undertone. Solmax, the marketing arm of Igniter100 is saddled with the responsibility of presenting the marketing platform which is 100% online oriented. Solmax sells the various packages of the offer containing different quantity of Equity tokens (ETs) ranging from £100, £250, £500, £1000, £2500, £5000, £10000 to £25000  for the basic, starter, executive, professional, premium, elite, supreme and  max packages respectively.

A Purchase of these tokens automatically makes one a part owner of these companies and gives one other hidden benefits and opportunities on the back office of this business to make more money. Your earning are withdrawn able directly to your bank account or bitcoin wallet as the need arises. You can avail yourself the opportunity by registering here: REGISTER  OR   JOIN.

Join us in our various overseas teams nearest to you for your training and guide or better still join us on our daily online zoom training scheduled to accommodate far and international team members outside the reach of our team. With a very active social media groups (whatsapp and telegram) you will be regularly updated of the events around the Igniter100 family. Become a family member of Igniter100 today!

This article was published on 13.02.2019 by Gabriel Nsofor
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Igniter100 - fintech and Tech, Free to join

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