Teach Networking in Schools

Now that I have learned what I have learned about network marketing and communicating with people, I am convinced it should be taught much earlier in our schools.

Our schools have solid courses in math, science, computer skills, and the rest of academics but I'm not so sure that communication skills are taught well enough.

The other thing I wish was taught more was the concept of leverage.  Most people decide to leverage their skills in a vocation or a career.  Many people decide to start a business and hope that the business will provide some degree of leverage and financial freedom.

Starting a traditional business means hiring people and leveraging their efforts to make the business work.  It works out in many cases, of course, and there is turnover in other cases.  That depends more on the training and the pay than anything.  

Different people have different motivations for taking a given job, but most people work for money.

A different way of looking at leverage is to be able to show somebody a given product that provides you alot of value and can provide that same value to others.  When other people choose to buy the product you get paid a commission every time they buy in the future.

That's leveraging those people's purchase power as a customer.  The more customers you have, the more long term leverage you have financially.  Imagine going to the movies and really enjoying a given movie.  You tell others how much you enjoyed it and have a code that they can apply for a discount when they buy tickets.  

You get paid each time somebody watches the movie.  A given movie may be a bad example, but if a given cinema paid you like that each time somebody went to a movie the commissions would add up.  That's what happens in network marketing.

That kind of leverage is real but most kids, teenagers, and college students don't understand it.  Most parents will scoff when the subject comes up.  It's kind of tragic actually.

The leverage is even stronger when you find the people who want to build their own organization and you are able to leverage the efforts of them and their entire organization.  That's the difference in an employee and a team member.  

An employee will not necessarily care about your business as much as you do.  With network marketing, a person on your team is building their own team that they are actually responsible to help succeed.   You help them, they help their team, and when done right everybody wins in the long run.

This type of thing is very real.  People just have to think differently about business and people, and we all can learn to do that at any age. 

As Jim Rohn says, any two year period used wisely can completely change your financial future.

It is a tragedy to me that these things aren't explained, taught, and instilled in young people since they can provide a young married couple with a good start on financial freedom and much more time with their kids as they grow up.   Nothing is more important than that.

Maybe someday we can find a way to incorporate these concepts into our schools.

I hope this added some value to your day in some way.

Scott Moore

This article was published on 27.07.2018 by Scott Moore
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