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I believe that LikesXL is an essential addition for each and every business owner. If you have a business, you have to advertise. So why not get paid for it?

If clients don't pay their fees on time and Invoices remain unpaid, crippling your business, what do you do? What do you do when the car breaks down, but you've no money to fix it or as a self employed person you get sick and cannot work? Perhaps, you raid your rainy day fund - if you have one - or borrow from family. But neither of these things offer a permanent solution. Head for head the UK has more personal debt than the population of the US. We are doomed to live a life of debt, from student loans to Mortgages. But it need not be that way....

LikesXL may be an online advertising platform but it acts like investment savings, it's not a savings plan nor even an Investment scheme, but, the way it is structured means it can be used in that way. Thereby, making it the solution to the aforementioned problems.

For instance, a PR pack is a block of 1500 advertising views, so 1500 members - in over 180 countries - have to have seen your business ad before it expires. Each Public Relation (PR) pack costs 50 Euros and expires after earning 60 Euros, based on the average daily rate of .48 cents, which takes about 125 days. Why is it only the average daily rate I hear you ask? Well, this is because the daily rate fluctuates; it rarely drops below .48 cents but can go as high as .62 cents.

So long as you can click 10 twenty second ads per day! You will earn!

Anyway, you get back 100% of the money spent on purchasing the PR pack and earn an extra 10 Euros. So your ads are free and you're earning money!

Let's say, you spend 750 Euros and purchase 15 PR packs, (22,500 views) average daily rate .48 cents, you would earn 7.2 Euros per day. How much would you need to have in a bank savings account to earn 7.2 Euros per day in under 5 months? Because the 750 Euros that you spent on 15 PR packs; will ultimately earn 900 Euros in about 125 days. (Provided you've watched 10 ads daily)

I love these numbers!

15 PR packs x .48 Ave. daily rate = 7.2 daily                     7.2 daily x 6.95 days = 50.04 Euros

Having made 50 Euros after 6 days, you can speed up the process, by reinvesting 100% each time you get to 50 Euros. By the time you have 105 packs, you can buy a pack every day.

105 PR packs x .48 Ave. daily rate = 50.4 Euros

Alternatively, you can let it accumulate in your account.... 50.4 Euros x 7 days = 352.8 Euros and withdraw it.

I remember the first time I was introduced to this business; I had no idea the way in which it would change my life. I truly believe each and every household should have an account like this. The numbers are fantastic! 

210 PR packs x .48 cents = 100.8 Euros/day                                 315 PR packs x .48 cents = 151.2 Euros/day

418 PR packs x .48 cents = 200.64 Euros/day            (50% reinvest? Withdraw the rest? It's up to you.)

I could go on but I think you catch my drift. Each account is capped at 900 PR packs, no more than 300 packs can be purchased each month, and each account is insured up to 45,000 Euros and is managed by a licensed Swiss Trustee. It can be left in a Will and has a MasterCard attached.

It has helped me immensely. I use it to save for big purchases, or to fund new business ventures. I can plan a future without debt and it can be a totally passive income, don't need to recruit, however, if you did build a down line, well, that sends it to a whole other level.

By the way I am a fantastically supportive Leader!

This article was published on 10.06.2016 by Lana Rugless
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