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Hi, *Niky *Classic Team* 

Is SFI really meant good for you?

Let me ask you a few questions...

When you joined SFI were you looking for any of the following?

Fast Money? 

If so, you have had time to explore other offers and I am betting

you haven't found it yet because I tried many times over the past 20 years

and I couldn't even build a program that was guaranteed fast money.

No Sponsoring, No Selling, No Work?

Every business must have sales to pay you with and that only happen

if people promote. These programs that offer those above benefits fail very fast

because only a few members at the top are doing all of the promoting

and soon spillover just doesn't help anyone pay the bills.

Were you looking for something with no investment ever?

Well, SFI is no cost to you but the reality is you will need to invest in advertising

and marketing to grow your team and promote sales at TripleClicks and you will face

those cost regardless of where you try to do business.

Were you looking for a stable company?

SFI has been here for 20 years and it's parent company Carson Services

of Lincoln Nebraska has been doing this business for over 30 years.

The company is fully owned and operated by Gery and Bonnie Carson

and is debt free and has paid millions of dollars in commissions to people

just like you.

Were you looking for training?

SFI has thousands of pages of training and it all starts when you click

on Launchpad icon just above your photo on every page of

Were you looking for a Strong Future?

SFI stands for Strong Future International and is filled with thousands of affiliates

earning a full time income at home.

This is a real business and you own it and own yourself.

"Do you have what it takes?"

See here *

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People quit for many reasons I will cover a few.

1 time - they say i don't have time when they spend hours playing games ,watching tv

travelling to work and back going to church smoking cigarettes going to the pub.

all of these are a use of time the can be cut or combine and do at the same time

as you are watching tv or on the bus.

2 money - they say they have no money but in some cases they smoke and drink and

buy coffee and tea if you can afford to do these you can afford a small amount each

month to invest in your future.

3 wrong attitude - the some thing for nothing mindset we have all seen it the messages 

like I have been here a week now I have done nothing so when do i get paid.

these people are a waste of space and you should be happy they quit as they lack the 

entrepreneurial mindset to become a leader.

4 - lack of understanding - as there is some much the learn some people become overwhelmed

and quit out of ignorance. 

5 - Lack of Support - this is your fault lack of communication and support to your team and lack

of understanding that people take different times to start work. some straight away some in months or years later.

Work Hard and anyone can succeed you have every tool and resource you need.

I wish you every success 

This article was published on 05.05.2018 by Coach Nikynworld
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