Life Insurance Agents - NEED LEADS? Get 3-5 an hour guaranteed at AION

This is the best shared information you will get in 2019 regardless of whether you are a seasoned agent or new (like me). Life insurance leads don't have to be expensive and hard to find. Quit working an over-saturated market and learn how to produce 3-5 an hour yourself using a proven system in an untapped market doing telesales. Quit paying for leads, driving all over town to talk to them and then getting the dreaded “let me think about it”. You'll learn how to do a 5 minute application with your client on the phone before you live transfer them to the carrier to complete the rest of it for you! What a time saver. Build your business in 2019 with a pipeline full of clients that have already requested a quote and are exclusive to you. No one else gets the data you get. With this untapped source, you’ll produce more leads than you can handle. At 240 dials an hour, you will produce leads! But that’s ok because there is full training on what to do with those leads and how to continue to follow up with them all on autopilot. Pretty soon, you have more people calling you to buy insurance, than you are calling to sell! Are you ready to watch the automated webinar and see what I’m talking about? Full transparency is what you’ll find and complete answers. Take 15 minutes to watch the video and then you’ll be taken to a FAQ page where 99% of the rest of your questions will be answered.

This is honestly the easiest and most inexpensive way to scale your business. You’ll receive up to 135% commissions, you aren’t held captive, literally zero lead cost, full training, support via team calls and a team chat. A very active and hands on CEO that doesn’t make any money unless you sell life insurance. He gets an override on you, so his incentive is to help you sell and expand your business which he does in a professional and positive atmosphere. And yes, I was skeptical at first and did my due diligence. There are absolutely no red flags, no hidden surprises and you can quit if you don’t like it because he doesn’t hold you hostage. He provides the opportunity and all he asks is that you work it! I plan on being around for a long time. It’s a fairly new company growing rapidly and 2019 is going to be a year of great rewards and good things to come. I hope you make the decision to join us.  Stop what you are doing, click HERE and watch the 15 minute video. 

This article was published on 03.01.2019 by Joan Nielsen
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