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As a Member of MLM Gateway, this is how you can make the best use of your membership. You will not only be getting dead cheap traffic, but also possibly earning unbelievable commissions both from MLM Gateway itself and your primary business.


With MLM Gateway, what you see is not what you get. You actually get more than what you see, if only you can give it more attention. This guide here will help you do just that. I was in MLM Gateway for 3 years and did know what I had in my hands. I never paid attention and I lost valuable time and missed for all this time the resources MLM Gateway has at our disposal. It was only later that I realized I had been sitting on a Traffic, Income and relationship gold mine.


I do not want you to make same mistake. These are some hints that may help you Succeed with MLM Gateway.


1. Contacting people on 1:1 on MLM Gateway to discuss about your business opportunity: If contacting people on 1:1 on MLM Gateway to connect with them to share your various opportunities (if you even knew about it) is your only activity on MLM Gateway, then you are really missing out BIG TIME. There is more…. but at least, target and contact people on MLM Gateway on regular basis.


2. Referring others to MLM Gateway: Advertise for free by Referring New Members to MLM Gateway. You get rewarded massively for referring others to MLM Gateway. Constantly referring others to MLM Gateway grows your advertising credits and income. You Get 10 Credits as a Reward for Each referral, while your referral gets 5 Credits to Begin With. However, as a premium member, you get 15 credits per referral. You also Earn up to 50% Lifetime Commission from Their Purchases at MLM Gateway, plus you can get additional Cash Bonus and even Luxury Car Lease Payments


MLM Gateway Invisible List: I call this invisible list, because you cannot actually mass mail them, but they are there for you to see and send messages to them on 1:1 via the MLM Gateway platform. However, that is your list you are building at MLM Gateway. Whenever you refer someone to MLM Gateway or they accept your connection request, they are tagged to you (added to your list), and whenever you publish a business announcement, it is mailed by the system to all of them. That is traffic on Demand!


3. Upgrading your MLM Gateway Membership to Premium: MLM Gateway membership is 100% free and no pressure to buy anything or upgrade. You still get the same quality service. However, if you want more benefits or put your business on steroids and even automating an aspect of your advertising, consider the MLM Gateway premium membership.


In upgrading, consider taking the 3 months option. There is a monthly premium membership that you can cancel anytime, however, taking the 3-month option will save you a lot of Money than if you were to be paying month to month. Nevertheless, month to month upgrade is still better than none.


4. Writing and publishing of business announcements regularly: Except I am mistaken, you are currently reading this article of MLM Gateway. Yes, you can write and post Business Announcements about your business on MLM Gateway for free. MLM Gateway gets a lot of traffic, your business announcement will be indexed really quick in the search engines. That will generate lifelong organic traffic for you.


MLM Gateway even rewards you for posting business announcements on its platform. Your get 5 credits for every article you publish, and if you are a premium member, you get 10 credits. These credits are good to advertise your business or contact others on 1:1.


Consider including links to your Business Opportunity in your articles. The articles do get lots of organic traffic, even from MLM Gateway members, and that is free traffic. This is one of the easiest ways to growing a Massive Advertising and Income Portfolio with MLM Gateway.


Apart from networking and advertising, you can actually make lots of money too from it as an affiliate. As a MLM Gateway Affiliate, you can grow a Massive Passive Residual Advertising, Income and Lead Generation portfolio. And this you achieve by constantly writing and publishing articles about your opportunity, on MLM Gateway, which is free. These articles get ranked in minutes and remain in the search engines for life to bring you Residual Passive Organic Traffic.


5. Buying Advertising Credits: MLM Gateway offers several credit packs. The more you buy, the more you save. Credits can be used to contact other members or run advertising campaigns. Though the MLM Gateway credits are pretty cheap and offer the best deal per click you can get anywhere in the industry, except you are in a mad rush to get traffic, or you are buying a bigger credit package, DO NOT buy credits at the current price. However, log into MLM Gateway regularly to get leads for your other opportunities, while paying attention to flash sales.


Yes, there are always flash sales, where you can buy 250 credits for $49. In terms of clicks, that would be 250 click for $49, great deal, better than buying 80 clicks for $100 elsewhere without even knowing what kinds of clicks they are. The clicks you get from MLM Gate way are from real net-workers or opportunity seeker, and are the best targeted potential partners for your business you can get.


That is how I buy my advertising credits anyway. Whenever there are flash flat rate sales, I jump on them. This flat rate flash sales option is however available only to premium members I think and during a very limited time window. But do watch out for them, you will have enough time to grab them.


6. Setting up advertising on MLM Gateway: If you are lazy or have no time to manually advertise your business daily, you can automate your advertising by setting up some advertising campaigns on MLM Gateway. MLM Gateway allows members to advertise their business across the entire platform. Members can create text or banner ads and drive traffic to their website. Each time a visitor clicks on the ad and visits the website a specified number of credits are deducted from the advertiser's account.


MLM Gateway offers the cheapest Pay Per Click real human Traffic in the industry. Best of all, this traffic includes both experienced independent business owners and newbies looking for work from home business or money-making opportunities. This provides a great audience for every network marketer looking to expand his or her business.


7. Using MLM Gateway Professional Marketing Tools: MLM Gateway has professionally designed lead capture / Landing Pages with pre-written content you can use to generate leads. MLM Gateway Premium members can use these Landing / lead capture Pages free to capture leads which will be accessible in their MLM Gateway back office. Making use of these professionally designed marketing tools can generate more leads faster for your MLM Gateway Opportunity or your other businesses.

This article was published on 06.08.2022 by Hasan Mian
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