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Build a real 6 Figures in a few months offering a FREE service to Businesses!

I am looking for motivated individuals who want to offer businesses in their area a free device that they can use in their stores. This is B@B only, no personal clients or customers, no selling anything to anyone. Just offer them the device, for FREE! A business does have to qualify to have them.  They have to have traffic in and out of their location, open to the public for atleast 240 hours a week, as well as TVs. The device is a streaming device that allows them to stream licensed content for FREE, as well as use it to post their own sings and ads on it, as well as announcements and logos and so much more. Not only that but we pay the business to use it, because they get to share in the profits from the ads that will show to their customers. There is no fees or cost for the business what so ever, no shipping, no equipment cost, no special fees, no monthly subion fees, NO COST AT ALL! EVER!! A business can earn up to $200 a month per TV for using this device, and you as the referral partner get $100 a month per TV, as long as they use it. So quick example, a business with 10 TVs earns $2000 a month or $24k a year more added to their revenue, you earn $1000 a month. This is long-term Passive Income! You can quickly get a 100 TVs in just a few weeks if you are a mover like me. First week 43 TVs, that $4300 a month in passive income for just offering business owners something that they really want for FREE! So 1000 TVs is $10k a month in passive long-term income. Sign up another affiliate under you and get $20 per TV per month that they signed up. This is a completely different and new opportunity and now is the time to get on from the beginning of it. Just think if you could have got in with Amway, Melaluca, Herbal Life or any other MLM, networking, or affiliate program that is worth billions. FYI, we just signed up Circle K on a national level, that's million a year for one simple person liking what we offer for FREE! If you are a go getter like me and have the drive to make big money, then watch the video to learn more. Learn more! We just closed out our beta test August 27th. We are now in prelaunch and looking for more reps, so this is going to explode! So you can join my personal business a consultants to offer this product and much more to business and make much more money. There is no cost ever to partner with me, but I will only work with those who are 100% serious! I want to help atleast 100 people make atleast 100k monthly income by the end of next year. Let's work together and build a better future for our customers, family and ourselves. This is a no brainer, Get in this now before it's nolonger new and you say, "I wish I got in when I had the chance". DO IT NOW!!!
This article was published on 19.08.2022 by Gabe Juarez
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NGJ Business Solutions - Media Device, B2B, Free to join

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