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The most important things I take into consideration when I consider taking any health supplements are: 1. Is it all-natural, 2. Do my doctor and trainer approve of me taking it? and 3. Does it work? I can tell you that Protandim has checked all three questions for me, and that's why I'm sharing it with you. It is a supplement, but it works wonders in my life. I was taking several supplements before that I have replaced completely with the Protandim essentials pack monthly. I cannot even begin to tell you how surprised I was when I spoke to my friend who started me on this track and he told me that the pre-diabetic state he had previously (only 9 months ago) was eliminated! His labs showed he was pre-diabetic, and without significantly changing his life or eating habits, he was now no longer pre-diabetic. I have a long history of diabetes in my family tree, and I have managed to stave off the disease, but I have changed my diet, I have committed to exercising, and I have reduced my sweets. But before now, I was still not feeling my best. I haven't gone for my annual physical and labs yet, but I can tell you that my energy and mental clarity went up in the first week. I was feeling more alert when I woke, and it gave me a better sleep as well. So those go together, and that was a clear improvement. Then when I ate food, I felt like it was helping my digestion as well in that -- as with the Tumeric and Probiotic I took before - I felt less bloating and that was a good sustain. Additionally, I had fewer aches and pains and I felt like I could work out every day now, where I was only able to recover enough every other day before. I am not saying that you have to work out every day, but it has helped me feel as though I can without the nightly rundown of energy before I work out (My time is 8pm each night I know that's weird for some people, but I bet that even the morning exercisers will feel the mental clarity and energy as they wake up after taking this for a week or month max). When I try a new thing out, I expect it to fail. Protandim Nrf2 (and the essentials pack) did not disappoint. I hope you will try it even if you don't believe it now because it worked for me. If you hate it or don't feel better after 30 days, stop taking it, and tell me about it. My only desire is to help share something that has worked for me and people I know directly. Please shop and/or learn more here: winfromwithin.lifevantage.com

This article was published on 21.11.2020 by Keith Tully
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