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7 MLM Recruiting Secrets

Today, I would like to share 7 MLM Recruiting Secrets. These are simple and practical things I have learned during the past 17-years. They are listed in no particular order.

# 1: Networking or Marketing

It network marketing, when it comes to recruiting, you have two choices: you can focus on networking or you can focus on marketing.

Networking is when you talk to people and you build relationships. You get people to like know and trust you. You reach out to people one-on-one via the three-foot rule, social media, your warm-market, etc.

On the other hand, MARKETING is when you POSITION yourself, either with attraction marketing or paid advertising, so you get people to reach out to you first. People seek you out. They call you with questions and ask to join your team.

Both of these methods work very well. I just chose marketing instead of networking, because I wanted to be the hunted, not the hunter.

I suggest you use a combination of BOTH methods until you really master marketing.

# 2: People Join You

People join PEOPLE, not businesses. You must be someone worth joining. Your prospect is going to evaluate YOU much more than they do the business opportunity or products.

They want to know that YOU are serious, committed and willing to help them. They want to know that you know what you are doing, have a game-plan, and will stay the course.

Work on your skills daily. Work on your people skills. Work on your mindset. Make sure you are someone worth joining. Make sure you present the IMAGE you want your prospect to see.

# 3: Have a System

All successful businesses, in every niche and industry, have a marketing system. This means they:

- Have a target market

- Have a written marketing plan

- Have a marketing BUDGET

- Have a unique selling proposition

- Have a day-to-day marketing strategy

You should have the same thing for your network marketing business. You need a system to generate leads, sort and sift through your leads and produce new customers and distributors on the back end.

You could have an online or offline system. That does not matter. You just need a system BECAUSE the system is the solution. Without a system, you will either max out or burn out.

# 4: Master the Follow-Up

The fortune is in the follow-up. Every prospect is a prospect for life. The average person will need MINIMUM ten to twenty follow-ups before they buy or join. Very few people will ever just sign up on the spot.

You need a systematic approach to stay in touch with people. I suggest you use an auto-responder AND keep an online address book of EVERYONE you ever talk with about the products or business.

Stay in touch with EVERY prospect at least once a month, until they buy, die or tell you not to contact them again.

Never use pressure or hype, but master the follow-up process, so when the timing does become right for your prospect, they will join YOU.

# 5: Don't Just Look for Heavy Hitters

I was once taught that you should ONLY look for heavy hitters, people who will be serious and ALL IN from day one. The problem with taking this approach is two-fold.

First off, you never really know who will be serious and build a big business. Secondly, most people are not heavy hitters.

Rather than looking for the maverick, look for people who would enjoy the products or be happy earning an extra few hundred dollars per month. This will be the CORE of your team anyway, probably 98% of them.

From these people, you will be LED to your heavy hitters. Your best people will show up in depth normally. If you're only looking for "ALL IN" type people, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

# 6: Keep Your Pipeline FULL

You must keep your prospect pipeline full at all times. This means you maintain MINIMUM 100-200 people you are "working on" at all times.

When you have a full prospect pipeline your confidence increases. You don't care who gets in and who doesn't get in. You always have someone to talk with.

This is why it's important to talk to at least 10 new people every single day. If you aren't continuously adding new people to your pipeline daily, your business will go stagnant.

# 7: Learn How to Close

If you can't close your prospects, you will FAIL. That is a fact. You need to be able to look someone in the eye, ask them to take out their credit card, and make a purchase. You can talk with thousands of prospects, but if you never ask for the sale, you will fail.

There are plenty of helpful books, webinars, videos and training courses on selling and closing. Keep in mind, I am not talking about high pressure closing. I simply use this close:

"What questions do you need me to answer before we get you started today?"

I learned that closing technique from Dale Calvert and have used it successfully for years. It works.

Whatever you do, learn how to close the deal. It's not anywhere near as hard as you think it is. Remember that people need to be LED to a decision. That's your job, to lead them to the decision that is best for them.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are 7 MLM Recruiting Secrets. Although none of this is rocket science, if you follow this advice, I know you will get better results in your business. Reply to this email to let me know what you think.

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is a successful author, blogger, and network marketer. He lives in Florida. You can visit his blog to learn how to generate leads with postcards or learn more about your best target market in network marketing.

This article was published on 10.08.2019 by Chuck Holmes
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