BITCOIN !! > is it dead or is it still a good investment ?? (Find out here)

The word 'Bitcoin' and 'Price' seemed to go hand in hand.

The price of Bitcoin has dropped drastically from the highest price ever at nearly $ 20,000

BTC has lost 83% of its value and is hovering around $ 3500 - 4000 today 28-01-2019.

For the uninformed and inexperienced people who have heard of Bitcoin but don't really know what it is, this price drop shows that Bitcoin is dead.

Those who have been around for a long time by Bitcoin having experienced its fair share of the bear markets.

Bitcoin's first dramatic bear market goes back as far as 2011, when it reached an exciting top of $ 32, only to crash 94% down to $ 2 then most experts and people involved thought it was dead and never came back.

2 years later, Bitcoin hit $ 260! before it crashed 75% to $ 65 due to the infamous Mt. Gox hack (google it).

But this crash did not last long, Bitcoin reached another record in November 2013,

When it hit a price of over $ 1000 on November 28, 2013, it attracted an influx of new investors jumping on the Bitcoin cart.

Shortly after the highest price ever, the price fell again by a long correction that lasted nearly 400 days!

Bitcoin lost 87% of its value and reached a low $ 200 per bitcoin.

The year 2014 hit the Bitcoin award $ 758.69 and the price approached $ 1100 at the end of November 2014.

But unfortunately it hit a new bottom of $ 192 on January 15, 2015, and from there it rose again until December 2015 and ended the year with a nice amount of $ 461.65 which was a healthy increase of 140%.

The Bitcoin price continued to rise again in 2016. The lowest recorded price was February 3, 2016 to $ 373.45.

The price rose as high as $ 970.64 on December 29, 2016, which meant a good year of healthy growth and an increase of about 160% from the lowest to the highest.

On May 1, 2017, the price flew up a new high record price of as much as $ 1,402.03 per BTC.

And in July 2017, the price hit $ 2500 + and from there it went strong!

The price increased some days by up to $ 500 - $ 600

Bitcoin price reached nearly $ 20,000 by the end of 2017!

Everyone wanted to buy Bitcoin but most didn't know how to do it. so the actual increase could have been twice as large if only the market was ready and the stock exchanges that were there were not geared for such a large customer influx! :) Some exchanges closed for new customer registrations, which then opened up a new market where people would buy and sell logins with passwords for specific exchanges :)

More companies came in and more exchanges opened up! and today 17-01-2019 we are now on 2102 different Crypto "Coins" "businesses"

As well as 231 "exchanges of bitcoin currency exchange buying and selling crypto".

But what now? It seems that we are in a similar situation as in 2014, when the bear market ended.

Has Bitcoin reached its bottom?

Many experts and people in the crypto industry believe that bitcoin has already reached or is very close to the bottom.

It's just a matter of time before Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market begin its next bull run.

Along with Bitcoins price history and cyclical trends, there is a wide range of positive developments in crypto space.

The crypto market and Blockchain technology show signs of growth and development, governments and regulators are developing positive regulatory frameworks to promote innovation in the crypto market and large financial institutions are involved.

One of the most anticipated developments coming soon to the crypto industry is the launch of Bakkt on January 24, 2019, a digital asset platform with physically settled Bitcoin futures for institutional investors and Nasdaq's Bitcoin futures following shortly.

In a recent interview with CoinDesk and Bakkt's CEO Kelly Loeffler, the reporter asked whether digital assets will survive. In response, she replied: "I want to say the unambiguous answer is, yes the price is just an expression of supply and demand ... But there is a lot of lack of infrastructure and that's what we do at Bakkt ... We couldn't be more optimistic about where things stand today price regardless ".

What I want is that Digital money has come to stay! so you might as well be from the beginning if you want a piece of the cake.

Here is how the lowest price we have had per year since 2012.

2012 - $ 4

2013 - $ 65

2014 - $ 200

2015 - $ 185

2016 - $ 365

2017 - $ 780

2018 - $ 3200

So it looks good.

I guess we hit at least $ 50,000 by 2020, it'll probably be double that :)

(The latest public announcement was, Bitcoin can hit a price of $10 Million dollar some day!) 

The question is just "How many Bitcoin's will you like to hold before then?"

Once the bus is running, are you the one standing at the bus stop or sitting in the bus?

It's time to board the bus before it rises to new heights !!

Kenneth Moller 

- Educator, Bitcoin, Arbitrage :: Crypto, Sports, Commodities. 

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This article was published on 28.01.2019 by Kenneth Moller
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