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Your Internet Service, not their internet service. What, you say, are you nuts? My reply not any more than Bill Gates or Steve Jobs were nuts. Maybe a bit less than those two because I am not the originator of, The Coming of a World Wide Internet service. With that being stated as such I would like to and therefore will voice my confidence in an idea that virtually is going to change the way the internet providers work.

I will go on to explain my previous statement. You see there are three gentlemen who actually were retired, if not fully, nearly. They, the three developers of this grandiose idea had and have decided that it is time for the everyday people to have a voice of control over the Internet that they access daily. For without the everyday Joe all of the internet and services provided would be for naught. With that said It is my duty, I feel, to bring as much awareness to this phenomenal idea as can possibly be extended throughout the here and now and the hereafter. This idea regards cyber space and the magnificent or if you rather the grand perception of taking control of one’s own livelihood. In other words, not letting the obscenely wealthy people or the government control each individual’s future. The internet was not developed with the idea of controlling the average individual’s day in and day out functionality.

Their intention is to let each person own a part of the picture. The way they intend to do so this is just for joining each person will receive five stock shares and five participating shares, I reiterate, just for joining the quest of providing free internet service.

The idea of bringing a one system internet to be is that everyone would have an equal opportunity to advertise, sell, or just to communicate with whom every they wish at whatever time they choose. If you advertise or sell a product or service, then at that time that portion of the internet will no longer be free. By now I am sure You are able to see how the internet service will be free for communication on a personal level. If I understand their intentions anyone whether private or commercial will be charged for the advertising service that they choose, or if they try to sell something and succeed they will be charged a fee. I emphasize the common everyday user will not be charged.

Enough, to find out more about this, I reiterate, grandiose proposition. Go to the following link sign up free for now and I suspect forever although forever is a long, long time that is their intention. John: 308-708-1953

This article was published on 01.06.2016 by John Dam
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