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Corona Virus Need Not Be an End But A New Beginning To Earn

I am sure you have heard from your parents say as you were growing up, We live in uncertain times . Strangely, now it is time for you to say it so that your kids can hear,

Perhaps more people than ever are being told to work from home or are being laid off and are desperately trying to figure out how to make money online RIGHT NOW to support their families.

Therefore, it is a really good time to get yourself a side hustle (a way of earning extra dollars).

Firstly, that extra money can help you build an emergency fund, which could be crucial during a potential period of unemployment.

Secondly, having another gig gives you some degree of income security in case you lose your main job during a recession.

But given the uncertainty, it would not hurt to have an extra source of income, and additional money in your savings account. Andif you can find a side hustle that makes you happy, it could even lead toa long-term arrangement that helps you stay financially healthy during less -precarious times.

So, the question arises, what are the side hustles you can do?

Like anything else in life, new ventures are always difficult. So be sure to understand that beginning will be rough. But as you progress, you will thank yourself. If you still you have a job, keep it. Start your new venture as a side hustle till you make money. Here are few possibilities for you to consider.

Turn your phone into a call center.

All you need is your smart phone. You can be answering service for businesses such as lawyers, consultants, real estate agents, mortgage loan officers. In todays economy, it is easier for professionals to pay for answering services. Depending on the volume of calls, you could get 3 clients at $1500 a month. No major expenses and you can answer calls anywhere if you have a smart phone.

How to Set Up Call Center- Biz in A Box

Print on Demand Products

It does not matter what economy is like. People always buy T-shirts, mugs, caps, jacket to make statements. No need to store any products. Companies fulfill orders for you on demand. Easy to start and no major investments.

Affiliate Marketing

This is developing trend as marketing costs are increasing, so the producers sell their products through affiliates. Big companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. are paying affiliates commissions for selling their products. Of course, it is best that you sell products that costs $100 or more.

Become consultant/Teach Courses

If you have special talents or you are expert, you can start your consulting service, or you can teach basics online and offer consultancy to those who want to go further. There are many platforms through which you can offer your courses. You can also teach through Zoom and/or YouTube.

Set up FREE Consultation Appointment Here

Presentation Designer

As many people are working from home, they may no longer have access to office staff. Many folks must make presentations. They will be looking for presentation designers. All you need is couple software to help you create best presentations. Once you are established you are likely to get over $50/hr.

Now is a good time to dive in and the possibilities could be endless.

This article was published on 01.06.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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