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Just a basic run-down on Skyway and how to join to buy your first investment. Registration is FREE to join and the cost to invest in any package you choose, starts from $10 to $10,000. Many start on the smaller packages, therefore you choose what you can afford. You can go alone or bring others in to join your journey. Children are most welcomed, which is great! Buy as much as you can, invest and wait. 

If you want to get further with Skyway, you are best to come in with $200 for yourself to buy EIP shares. This gets you into the Crypto Units (CRU), which you can buy for as little as $50 - $8000. Once you do that, you are set and if you decide to bring anyone in, they do exactly what you have done. Obviously the more people you bring on board, the more passive income you receive with bonuses. This way will rank you higher.
CRU (Crypto Units) to buy if you choose, which is valuable right now is in it's 7th stage, but only goes to 8 stages in the Crypto Unit Program.

When you register you are buying EIP (Educational) Packages. This will train you more in investing, financial planning and much more other goodies as well as providing Pre-IPO (Pipes) Equity Shares. These shares also provide you with the certificates from Skyway for these "Pipes".

At the moment until all shares are finished, Swig Pipes are in the form of great discounts to these who support skyway with their investment in the early stages of the project. Although their are not many stages left, it's still not too late. The main point is to jump in now while you can and buy as much as you can or what you are comfortable on how much you want to spend.

If anyone knows, Apple's market capitalisation is more than $550 billion. Meaning, if you or anyone had taken a small stake in that company back then of at least 8 dollars 30years ago, today the cost of your shares would have increased to the amount of $555B. What a difference having that much capital today!

Skyway produce's dividends for you. This is one of the options to get passive income. Once you have invested in the project, your ROI can be distributed as profits from the "Post IPO" operations of the company. The number of payments will be compared to the number of Skyway shares you have registered as pipes and maintained Post IPO. So, the more shares, the more % of the companies profits you will receive.

This is a business for determined people that are ready to spend, put a bit of time and focus in for the next couple of months to set yourself up for the future. Know that your activity in Skyway will generate a passive income for you that can be measured in potential thousands and more each month.

If you would like to check this out, I have 2 member's links you can choose from to register as we like to help other members succeed as well. Once you do that, I will add you to our FB group page and help guide you.

Enjoy your day :)


This article was published on 08.11.2019 by Neddy Te Miha
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Skyway Invest Group - Technology Investing, 10 USD to join

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