Get Vaxxed Or Get Sacked! By: Bes Joy-Day Stephensen

One might say, "I thought you were writing about $500 a Day - Easy Money!"  My reply is, "Yes!"  I am. The thing is that I couldn't write about the $500 a Day - Easy Money opportunity without talking about the vaccine mandates & the uproar it's causing around the world.  If specialists such as doctors, nurses and EMTs are getting fired or threatened with dismissal it puts generalists on notice that nothing is protected.  My point is that the uproar from medical workers made me see how relevant an Easy Money opportunity is, especially now. What's  different about this one is that it's legal in 140 countries, pays the highest and I am here to help you succeed.

I've always had a fascination with mobile phones especially once they started getting smaller, thinner & lighter.  Human behavior is a fascination that I have as well. Specifically  inspiring seeing how people from different walks of life pull together in order to survive and recover from a disaster, catastrophe and the like.  

The world can be a fickle place. Everywhere I  turned there was no getting away from what I call, "The Being Vaxxed Or Getting Sacked Debate".  It's something that is polarizing in some circles.  The Covid-19 vaccine mandate has made the government seem like it's attacking the same people (First Responders) who were lauded for their bravery during the pandemic. And now the tide has turned so quickly.  These same workers are being blamed for spreading the virus. Well, they're saying all unvaxxed people are the problem even if the unvaxxed people are healthy with no symptoms at all.  

I'm an adamant believer in, " use what you already have to get more of what you want."  Easy money has different definitions depending on whose talking about it.  Easy money to me is not something bone-headed or illegal but rather something that just about anybody can do at any given time if they put their mind to it.  

Some people take mobile phones for granted as if they're only good as a fashion accessory.  That phone as small as it is is a powerful tool that can transform your life bit by bit. During storm season  everyone can use more cushion money-wise. 

Whether you got vaxxed or not , what we all have in common is,  " A change is gonna come!"  That unexpected disruption which could very well bring a reduction in buying power, or reduce income irregardless of our education or lack thereof, makes it time to value simpler approaches to making money.  Using your smartphone to make money is smart. You immediately have your freedom back cause you're not tied to an office or a city.

Anybody can do this. You get paid via PayPal or VENMO or even paper check if you so choose. 

You can track your progress on the company's website via a dashboard where every tool and training or instructions for posting is right at your fingertips.  There's  easy to read details on the dashboard showing you essential data about your numbers.  

When I found this company's  website I was doing so much on my phone (multi-tasking). The Sign Up was a no-brainer  for me because I knew what I was looking for.  Besides the only way to learn is by doing, taking action. Sign Up took me less than 12 seconds. Next thing I know my numbers were $500+ and it was in less than an hour, "hello?!.."  

When you sign up,, go to the offer center  cause it's  fun finding activites there & getting paid for it. 

There's  a $50 sign up bonus immediately on your account if you sign up using my link:

My name is Bes Joy-Day Stephensen and I'm here to help you succeed.  Live life on your own terms, "Isn't that why you work so hard?!.."   Now you can lighten your workload and probably make  even more money. 


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This article was published on 19.09.2021 by Bes J Stephensen
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